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Super Jungle World - Super World 2019

Super Jungle World - Super World is the most intresting Adventure game with an Arcade Game Style.
Super Jungle World is a Classic Retro Platform Game with a Super Jungle Boy Character.
In the jungle adventure world you must fight the enemies and monsters and run over obstacles, Jungle World includes a multitude of power-ups and items that gives you special powers and a lot of advantages which will help Sboy to transform of hit best mode the super boy in order to finish and beat the Bosses.
Enjoy this brand new Super Jungle World platformer game

How to Play:

> To move click on right or left on the control pad
> Press Jump-button AND right or left for running
> Press B-button to make Super Boy jump
> Click the down button to get it on some tree stumps in order to go to a bonus level!
> Swimming: press A-Button multiple times to swim higher

Best Features:

> Addictive game-play
> Amazing graphics
> Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them
> 80 lchallenging levels
> Lots of Challenging Levels
> Beautiful graphics and music
> Highest Score Records
> Classic platform game style
> Fun and suitable for all ages
> Smooth game play and easy to play
> Hidden bonus bricks and blocks
> 4 Beautiful world themes

Super Jungle World - Super World is the newest adventure game and the most interesting> Playing it, will bring your childhood memories back with old school gameplay.

This is a classic side-scrolling Game and you will be addicted to the jungle adventures it offers.

Super Jungle World - Super World give you the ability to get power ups, levels, and every other thing on the game for free. Download right now and enjoy a totally free game.

Thank you for playing!
Have fun!

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Secondary: Arcade

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Version History

Launched Jan 05, 2019 (11 months ago).
Jan 04
Version 2.0