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At Streamlabs, water is our passion. Water is vital for everyone, but it can also be detrimental to our homes when left unchecked. Leaks in the home can cause outrageous water bills, damage valuable possessions that lead to expensive repairs, and can even cause mold when the issue goes unattended.

Our mission is to give you the peace of mind that you deserve, and to protect you from potential water damages while simultaneously opening your eyes to your personal water usage habits. That’s why we created the Streamlabs Monitor.

Streamlabs Monitor will:

• Send you detailed push alerts about potential leaks in your home.
• Monitor and protect your entire home from damaging and costly water leaks using a single device.
• Track your water usage daily, weekly, and monthly to identify ways to conserve water.
• Enable you to choose home or away mode and customize your leak alert sensitivity settings to your personal preferences.

Streamlabs Monitor is a no-risk, non-invasive installation, meaning you don’t have to cut the pipes of your existing plumbing system to install it. Once installed, we utilize advanced ultrasonic technology that connects directly to your home Wi-Fi and monitors the flow of water throughout the entire system. Using the Streamlabs app, you can customize your alert settings to your personal preferences.

Whether you’re at home, out to dinner, or away on vacation, Streamlabs Monitor will be monitoring your water flow to alert you of any potential problems in your plumbing system. Now, for the first time ever, you can know what’s up with your water, before something is up with your water.

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Version History

Launched Apr 24, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Apr 15
Version 3.5.2

- You can now sign in to Streamlabs with your fingerprint on supported devices.
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Mar 10
Version 3.3.1

Introducing the Streamlabs® Control with Automatic Shut-Off.

The StreamLabs® Control is the the newest member to whole-home leak detection family. We've included additional sensors and a shut-off valve to put you in control of your home’s water system anytime, anywhere. Features include:
- Automatic shut-off valve
- Water pressure alerts
- Water temperature alerts
- 0.1 gpm low flow thresholds
- Drip Detect™ nightly system checks
- Humidity alerts

Jan 23
Version 3.2.0

Introducing improved water usage charts.

Now, you can see exactly how much water you've used every hour of the day, day of the week, or month of the year. No more estimating. No more questions. Simply tap and scroll on the history chart to view exact usage amounts.

Dec 02
Version 3.1.2

- Improved instructions when updating the Monitor's Wi-Fi network.
- Changed Smart Alerts "learning completed" date from the "week of" to the day it completed.
- Gray out the options for an alert if it is disabled.
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Oct 28
Version 3.0.0

Introducing Smart Alerts™ Beta.
Now, more than ever before, your Streamlabs smart home water monitor will work for YOU, learning your water habits to ensure your home is running smoothly. Whether you take long showers in the morning or run your washing machine at midnight, our Smart Alerts will learn your daily water habits to help you feel more at ease in your home. To enable Smart Alerts, go to settings -> alerts -> home leak alerts, and select "turn on smart alerts".

Sep 25
Version 2.2.2

- Improvements to the "change password" flow.
- Banner shown on Location Details screen if a firmware update is required.
- No need to scan the barcode when resetting Wi-Fi for an existing device.
- Behind the scenes improvements.

Jul 15
Version 2.1.2

Jun 19
Version 2.0.0

New and improved Wi-Fi setup process. Simply scan the barcode of your Streamlabs Monitor to connect it to Wi-Fi.

Mar 18
Version 1.13.0

Minor cosmetic improvements.
Behind the scenes improvements to Nest and Alexa integrations.

Feb 25
Version 1.12.1

-Improvements to Works with Nest functionality.
-Confirmation when changing modes to Home/Away.

Jan 10
Version v.2018.01.11

- Added 'Show Password' to App screens which do not currently have it.
- Open support link in external browser.
- Increased the wait duration when monitor is sensing pipe.
- Bug Fixes:
* Fixed explicit push notification banner on Oreo
* Fixed alert settings that disappear when you turn "notify me" to OFF in alert settings

Dec 18
Version v.2017.12.19

- Works with Nest. Nest will automatically put your Streamlabs homes in Home/Away mode.
- Added the ability to exit setup after connecting the Monitor to Wi-Fi (continue calibration later).
- Organized settings for Locations and Devices.
- Bug Fix: Streamlabs icon shows shows correctly in push notifications
- Improvements to UX for creating an account with an email that already exists.
- Improvements to error paths in setup and calibration.
- Updates for Android Oreo

Nov 01
Version v.2017.11.01

-New Feature: Now works with Amazon Alexa.
-Updated Minimum OS to Marshmallow.
-Uniformity between iOS and Android with rounding rules to display gallons.
-Leak alerts display the time since water started instead of the time since the alert was triggered.
-Leak alerts display time zone information if the user is in a different timezone.
-Bug Fix: App return to correct screen when user leave the app to connect to Monitor Wi-Fi.
-Bug Fix: App sometimes opens in a logged out state.

Oct 04
Version 1.7

- New Feature: Swipe down to refresh water usage. No more waiting until the end of the hour.
- Hourly History chart now shows 12am to 11pm instead of 1am to 12am.
- No longer able to select “Re-do installation”, “Identify”, or “Recalibrate” when Monitor is offline.
- Added clarification “Find a straight section of pipe…” in installation screen.
- Selecting “back” from Location Overview screen now exits the app.
- Improved error message descriptions

Aug 30
Version 1.6

Usage details screen can now be refreshed by swiping down.
Updated branding and appearance.
Fixed a bug where the app would crash if an invalid verification code was submitted during account creation.

Jul 25
Version 1.5

*Active alerts no longer appear in the alert history until they are no longer active.
*Push notifications are no longer sent when notifications are turned off in the app settings.
*Made it easier to add a location for users with no locations associated with their account.
*Fixed text and image display issues with smaller screen sizes.

Jul 09
Version 1.4

- Added a more informative "Meter can't sense your pipe" screen to the installation process.
- The "Re-do installation" button in Meter Info and Tools will now completely erase any previous calibration.
- Lower leak flow thresholds available for specific pipe types with latest meter firmware.
- App will now wait for the Meter to update to the latest Firmware immediately when the Meter first connects to Wi-Fi.

May 29
Version 1.3

Fixed a bug where meter could not connect to Wi-Fi networks with a password that contains the symbols '%', '+', or '&'.

May 16
Version 1.2

- Locations load quicker.
- Fixed bug: account creation was case sensitive
- Fixed bug: sending the calibrate command to the meter.
- Fixed bug: with the Home/Away not always updating.
- Enabled the flashlight icon on the installation screens
- Now showing the last connected time for the meter in the Wi-Fi settings.
- No shows if the phone/tablet has lost internet connection after the meter Wi-Fi setup.
- Fixed a bug where you could not manually enter an SSID for a Wi-Fi network.

Apr 24
Version 1.1

Initial release.

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