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- Must-have security for your home, baby and pet
- Inbuilt motion detector and instant alerts
- Real-time monitoring through your phone
- Trusted by users in over 178 countries

Live stream via the Smartfrog app and live chat with family, pets and deliveries
Advanced motion detector with instant alerts
Free 4 hour event history
Bank-level encryption standards to safeguard your privacy
Remote access; anytime, anywhere

Secure your home and your loved ones
Protect your home, baby and pets instantly with Smartfrog’s free home security app! Quickly and easily turn your spare smartphone, tablet or webcam into an instant home security camera and monitoring solution in less than 5 minutes! By downloading the free Smartfrog surveillance app you’ll turn your spare device into an advanced and totally free CCTV solution which you can use as a burglar alarm, baby monitor and pet camera, or even as a surveillance app for your small business.

How it works
It’s easy to create a secure home with Smartfrog! All you need is two different devices - one used as a home camera and one as a viewing screen. Download the Smartfrog app onto both devices and log in with the same account then, in the app, select which device you want to use as your security camera. That’s all it takes to create an instant home security solution!

Smartfrog as baby monitor
Use your old phone as a free baby monitor with no need to fork out on expensive baby cameras. Instead, Smartfrog can be used as a free baby camera app giving you peace of mind whilst your little one sleeps. By using Smartfrog as a nanny cam, you’re free to move around the house safe in the knowledge that the Smartfrog motion detector will alert you when your baby wakes up. Using Smartfrog as a reliable wifi baby monitor device is the best way to make sure your infant is safe without the need for expensive equipment.

Smartfrog as a pet monitor
Want to know what your pets are doing when they’re home alone? Use your old phone as a free pet monitor to check what your animals are up to when you’re not there. Using Smartfrog as a pet camera is the best way to maintain personal contact with your animal as well as gain increased reassurance of their day-to-day life. By understanding your animal better, you’ll also be able to use your Smartfrog app as a dog/cat camera to react quickly and easily to sources of danger or signs of illness.

Smartfrog uses secure video recording and storage with bank-level encryption standards to safeguard your privacy. Video data is securely transmitted via SSL encryption and stored in ISO-certified high-security data centers in Europe.

The quick & easy security camera
The Smartfrog security camera app offers must-have protection for your home, baby and pet with 24/7 real-time monitoring through your spare smartphone, tablet or webcam. Smartfrog’s home, pet and baby camera takes less than 5 minutes to set up and offers unrivalled surveillance without the need for expensive equipment. Better still, your privacy is safeguarded thanks to Smartfrog's bank-level encryption standards and highest possible security certification. Don’t delay, download now!

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Version History

Launched Sep 06, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

May 30
Version 2.17.0

Apr 16
Version 2.16.1

Apr 14
Version 2.16.0

Jan 23
Version 2.14.1

Dec 12
Version 2.14.0

Nov 14
Version 2.13.0

Aug 04
Version 2.12.0

May 21
Version 2.11.7

Apr 25
Version 2.11.5

Feb 03
Version 2.11.3

Nov 26
Version 2.11.2

Nov 07
Version 2.11.0

Sep 26
Version 2.10.2

Sep 20
Version 2.10.1

Sep 05
Version 2.10.0

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