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Do you have a SkyBell HD Video Doorbell? If yes, download this free app and start making your home safer by answering your front door from your Android devices with an operating system of 4.4 or greater. This app is for the SkyBell HD version of the SkyBell Video Doorbell.

If you need assistance with your SkyBell HD, please contact support@skybell.com or call 888-423-9194 for live support (Monday-Sunday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PT).

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Version History

Launched Feb 01, 2016 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Oct 28
Version 4.1.0

Bug fixes

May 09
Version 4.0.0

Welcome to the all new SkyBell App! This latest update greatly enriches the user experience and we have made the following enhancements:
Full support for Android 8.0!
Filterable Activity feed
Managing shared devices and invitations.(Device sharing)
Language support for Japanese and Spanish
Watch Live (on demand) (Watch Live)
Account creation and Login
Managing devices (sync/delete/setup) (Device Management)

May 07
Version 3.6.1

- Fixed bug that was displaying alert with message “Can’t play this video” for recorded activities.

Sep 06
Version 3.6.0

We're back again with an update that we hope is going to make your SkyBell even easier to use!
Now, you can see how well your SkyBell is connecting to your home network while you're out and about. On the Activity Feed,
you'll now see an indicator light that lets you know when you're SkyBell is having a hard time reaching the internet.
As always, we're also sneaking in a few bug fixes to improve your SkyBell experience.

Jun 27
Version 3.5.5

Thanks for checking out our SkyBell update! We’re making some minor tweaks and squashing a few bugs that will: improve the way your SkyBell’s are shown in the list; and improved your activity feed.

May 22
Version 3.5.3

+ Minor adjustments and bug fixes

May 16
Version 3.5.2

+ Bug fixes, enhancements and maintenance
+ Volume setting adjustment for new devices
+ Updated password reset messaging
+ Allow view of MAC address

May 09
Version 3.5.1

+ Fixed issue where Login Error Dialog clipped text

May 02
Version 3.5.0

+ Sharing - Allows users to share their SkyBell with others via email
+ New Syncing Process
+ Adjustments and bug Fixes

Mar 22
Version 3.4.0

+ Multiple bug fixes
+ Date grouping of activity list
+ Enhanced security features
+ Hidden SSID
+ Installation video embedded into the App
+ Shutter sound turned off when phone is silenced (do not disturb is turned on)
+ Bulk delete in activity list
+ UI changes for better user experience
+ Video playback in both portrait and landscape mode
+ Added App and Crash metrics for increased analytics

Jan 30
Version 3.3.9

+ Portrait Mode for calls
+ New call screen buttons (ability to hide all but push to talk)
+ MASSIVE call startup performance and reliability
+ Changed notifications back to tap action - per customer response
+ Several minor bug fixes (crashing)
+ Additional material design treatment for settings pages

Jan 19
Version 3.3.8

New Notifications for Android 5.0 and greater! They look beautiful. Swipe down on the notification and dismiss or "Watch Live".
Fixed Streaming Audio issues where the SkyBell App would continue streaming audio in the background even after a call was finished.
Bug fixes for Android 4.4 Syncing issues.

Dec 30
Version 3.3.7

We did it! Audio is back strong. Thank you to all of our testers.
In this release, we focused on:
+ Increased reliability of call connections
+ Audio is now working really well on all platforms
+ Fix for Android v4.4 not allowing you to tap the Signin Button
+ Additional stability fixes
We are still working hard on improving the "Add a new SkyBell" on newer phone models and certain carriers. Keep the feedback coming, jeremy@skybell.com.

Dec 23
Version 3.3.6

We are working really hard to make the SkyBell Android experience awesome. This build is closer, but not all the way. We've got connections working well. Audio on the other hand is still causing us grief, so you might have some calls with no audio from your SkyBell. We're still working on it and we'll have another build soon. Let me know your experience, I want to hear, Jeremy, jeremy@skybell.com, CTO of SkyBell. Thank you!

Dec 01
Version 3.3.5

Adjustment to prevent crash while deleting device activities.

Nov 29
Version 3.3.4

Improvements to UX
Adjustments and bug fixes

Oct 28
Version 3.3.3

Minor adjustments and bug fixes

Feb 01
Version 3.0.0

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