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Chakras are our energy centers. The channels through which and out of our aura of life energy flows. The task of the chakras is to fill physical body with vivacity and promote the development of our consciousness. Through regular meditation on the chakras you will find balance and learn to create harmony.

Chakra Meditation involves using sound vibrations to improve the balance and flow of vital energy in our body. A smooth flow of vital energy leads to good mental and physical health. The resonant tones target 7 vital nodes along the spinal chord that is associated with various behaviors and imbalances. These time-tested sounds and frequencies will:

* Help you meditate
* Relax your mind and body
* Cure sleep disorders
* Help quit bad habits
* Rectify body imbalances
* Improve mental & physical health

Ancient Vedic mantra technology recorded using sophisticated modern recording techniques. Beautiful choirs, overtones create a complex and harmonically rich environment. Chant the sounds of the chakras and awaken your latent Kundalini energy.

Chakras included in this app:
Muladhara : The root chakra : music + 396[Hz] solfeggio wave
Svadhisthana : The sacral chakra : music + 417[Hz] solfeggio wave
Manipura : The solar plexus chakra : music + 528[Hz] solfeggio wave
Anahata : The heart chakra : music + 639[Hz] solfeggio wave
Vishuddha : The throat chakra : music + 741[Hz] solfeggio wave
Ajna : The third eye chakra : music + 852[Hz] solfeggio wave
Sahasrara : The crown chakra : music + 963[Hz] solfeggio wave

Chakras and meditation frequencies information and description.

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CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 1CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 2CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 3CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 4CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 5CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 6CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 7CHAKRA ALIGNMENT 🕉️ Balancing Solfeggio 🎧 screenshot 8

Version History

Launched May 05, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Jun 23
Version Varies with device

Fixed bug.

Dec 31
Version 3.0

Fixed bug.

Jun 27
Version 2.0

May 04
Version 1.0

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