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Demographix allows you to view demographic information based on US Census 2010 block and block-group level information. The data is updated in with yearly supplemental files.

There are 3 ways to search:
- The application uses your current location by default
- Use the search bar to search an address or zip code
- Long Press the map to search for the selected point.

This application is perfect for the following applications:
- Searching for a new home
- Finding a location for your business
- Being aware of your surroundings
- Viewing Age, Race, Income and Housing information for a given location.

You may specify a search radius in the application settings: ZipCode, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,10 and 5 mile increments up to 50 miles. NOTE: larger search radius will result in a longer search time.

Areas included with this application include all 50 US States, Puerto Rico. Note: some census data such as age may not be available in outlying territories.

Please see our website for more information, submit questions and recommendations, and view detailed disclaimer information.

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Version History

Launched Jan 20, 2016 (over 3 years ago).
Dec 05
Version 2.2.1

Corrected new bug when searching for address using search bar.

Jan 19
Version 2.0.0