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The Sig Codes Quiz & Card App is an innovative self study aid which includes flashcards of over 200 of the most commonly used Sig codes along with a quiz feature to test your knowledge. Built around our powerful Quiz & Card Engine, it is designed to deliver visually appealing virtual flashcards with intuitive gesture based navigation and a feature packed quiz function to test your knowledge and promote mastery of the information you have studied.

Sig Codes Quiz & Card includes the following features:

• Comprehensive database of over 200 of the most commonly used Sig Codes
• Intuitive gesture based navigation
• Select a range from the full list of codes or use a customized favorites deck
• Ability to display cards in alphabetical order or randomize the order of display
• Front of card can selectively display either Sig code or Definition

• Select a range from the full list, or use a customized favorites deck
• Test by Sig code or Definition
• Option to retake missed questions at the end of the quiz
• Dynamically generated questions with randomized answer choices prevents memorizing incorrect choices
• Regular feedback option provides a quick color based notification for correct (green) and incorrect (red) before advancing to the next question
• Enhanced feedback option provides a summary page after each question is answered, correctly or incorrectly, with a brief explanation of the correct answer
• Statistics displayed include number of questions taken, percentage score, number of questions remaining, number correct, and number incorrect

Index Page:
• Listing of all Sig codes in the database
• Sort alphabetically by Sig code or Definition
• Add items to favorites with one touch

Favorites Page:
• Listing of Sig codes added to favorites deck
• Sort alphabetically by Sig code or Definition
• Remove items from favorites with one touch

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Version History

Launched May 20, 2012 (almost 8 years ago).
May 20
Version 1.0