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Welcome to Guided Imagery, the most complete collection of spoken English guided meditations. If you have never tried a guided meditation before, you are about to experience a mind cleansing experience made of peaceful music and soothing voices.

But what are guided meditations? They are, very simply, the experience of meditating while being guided by a voice. Do you need to reduce stress, to sleep better, to get motivated or overcome fear? Guided meditation can help clearing your mind if you have never been able to do so alone before. You never know, you may be able to perfect your lucid dreaming techniques by trying! Many people who suffered from insomnia have become deep sleepers that can sleep well all through the night thanks to the help provided by guided meditations.

Your very own meditation guide will talk you through an array of 7 very special experiences, each one of which was tailored to suit a need. Each guided meditation has its very own mindful meditation music background. Here is the list of tracks you will use to clear your mind and enter a state of tranquility:

1. Self Acceptance (duration 8:03)
Discover your unique worth. Start to listen to your deepest emotions and learn how to self-understand. Reach a higher state of awareness about your strengths and weaknesses.

2.Anxiety Relief (duration 8:32)
Constant worrying consumes you slowly. You feel edgy and tense during your days and nights. Find a prefect moment to erase all the concerns from your mind and your body.

3.Clear Your Mind (duration 7:00)
Like a lighthouse in the night, you will learn how to illuminate the paths of your mind and find an effective way to forget unwanted thoughts.

4.Deep Relaxation (duration 10:33)
The world runs faster and faster, becoming more complex, stressful and crowded. We prove fears, we produce inner tensions. It's time to heal deeply.

5.Self Esteem (duration 18:03)
Beliefs about oneself, emotions, love, pride, shame, success: self-esteem is a very complex mix of feelings. It's important to reach a total self-confidence state and judge yourself in a realistic way.

6.Inner Peace (duration 20:58)
Bliss, contentment, happiness, stoutness: reach the "homeostatic" state avoiding discords or stress. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for the peace of your mind.

7.Sleep and Dream (duration 38:31)
Science doesn't know much about the meaning of dreams, but one thing is clear for sure: we all have dreams, sometimes very vivid. Help yourself to reach a relaxing state for deep sleep, rest at best and have great dreams.

The first two meditations are completely free, while the others can be downloaded in the premium version of this app. Listen to a 30sec preview of all of them, and choose the ones you like or need the most! May it be for anger management or pain relief, try listening to these buddhist inspired affirmations to help you feel better. Let the zen flow through you thanks to these peaceful words.

May this app be an aid and a daily inspiration to those of you that were in need of it! Leave a review on how to make this app even better for you. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at support@rehegoo.com

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