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Barfastic is an Android application created for help people to feed their pets following the BARF Diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).

Fortunately, there are more and more owners of dogs, cats and ferrets who choose to feed their animals on natural diets, having complete control over what they eat. However, it is quite common to have doubts as to the proper amounts and proportions.

This application allows you to manage all your pets, and advises you a detailed menu based on the species, age, weight and other parameters. It is a BARF calculator to obtain the orientative amount of food that your dogs, cats or ferrets should take.

In addition, it includes a complete directory of suitable foods for a raw diet, classified by family, with photos of each food so that you can identify them when you go to buy from the market.


- Manage all the animals of the family, whether dogs, cats or ferrets. The data remains stored on your device for you to consult whenever you want.
- Obtain the recommended amount of food based on the species, weight, condition and activity.
- Consult at any time the calculations made in an intuitive interactive table, filter by the type of food.
- Update or delete the data of your animals when you consider it.
- The application takes into account special cases, such as sterilization, work or sport dogs, greyhounds, outside cats, etc.
- Find out which foods are accepted in a raw natural diet, classified by family and with photos of each one.
- Intuitive navigation and use, following the design standards recommended by Google.

This application has been created to help people interested in a truly natural and adequate food for their animals. In this way, you can improve the health of your dog, cat or ferret through healthy nutrition. The recommended calculations have been prepared by experts in animal nutrition.

Barfastic is in constant development, and suggestions are welcome. You can leave your ideas and feature request at http://feedback.barfastic.com.

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Version History

Launched Jun 03, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 16 days, on average.

Jul 21
Version 1.2

In this version, we have done this:
- Add a new section called Help with information about BARF diet
- Expand the information of the section About us, including links to social networks
- Fix a problem with the titles of the windows when it was turned back

Jul 14
Version 1.1

In this version, we have done this:
- Improve the loading of images to optimize the use of device memory
- Show the difficulty level of the foods in the list
- Create a list of recommended BARF books in Spanish and English

Jun 09
Version 1.0.1

In this version, we have achieved:

- Show the food list in alphabetical order
- Modify the calculations for greyhounds
- Improve and optimize food images
- Solve eventual errors when turning the device in the food list
- Fix some errors in old devices
- Solve errors when modifying an animal and return to its file
- Improve design for old devices resolutions

Jun 02
Version 1.0

Launch version.

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