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Let your baby begin to develop his musical sense with this fantastic piano full of colors and animations.
Full of colors and animations for your baby to have fun with his first piano.
For parents:
-No adds.
-Vibration function on / off: If you press a key, the device vibrates smoothly. If you deactivate the function, it will no longer vibrate.
-The letters at the top of the keys will be animated each time a key is pressed. Each note has its Latin nomenclature (Do, Re, Mi) and its alphabetical nomenclature (C, D, E).
- Childish melodies every time you press the melody button. They will sound looped until you press the pause button. Choose the one you like best and let it ring to listen to it over and over again.
"The sun and the moon can be touched. If the sun touches, the night will come with the moon. If you touch the moon, the day will come out with the sun.
- Each time you press a key, some musical notes will fly off. You can change these musical notes at any time by balloons, rattles, stars or hearts.

With vibration activated, your baby will notice a small vibration every time you press a key to stimulate your curiosity.
Each time you press a key, the letters will jump and fly musical notes with a ripple motion.
You can change when you want musical notes for hearts, balloons, rattles or stars.
The day and night function will awaken your baby's curiosity. To switch to the night function, you must press the sun and a melody will sound.
To move to the day function, you must press the moon and a melody will sound.
Full of colors to amuse your kids at all times!

Musical start in the smallest.
Let your child learn the musical notes from the first moment and become familiar with his first piano. The keys have animation, colors, vibration and you can relax by simply pressing the melody button.
Teach him the musical notes so he can compose his first songs in a fun musical piano.

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Version History

Launched Apr 14, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).
Apr 13
Version 1.0.0


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