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The raybaby app has been designed for ease of use. Behind its deceptively simple interface is a machine that processes complex data to interpret it easily for you. It doesn’t overload you with information and allows for easy customization. The raybaby app is intuitive and molded to your baby’s sleep pattern and respiration. It comes with a powerful algorithm that keeps you up-to-date on your baby's sleep requirements, offering recommendations on how their development can be optimized.

With the raybaby app, you can:

1. Monitor breathing
The breathing tracker is a raybaby innovation and works with a sensor that’s incredibly advanced, offering an accuracy of 98%. And this, without any contact with the baby. What’s more, raybaby notes minute variations, day or night, and even when the baby is swaddled. Any deviations from normal are notified via the app immediately.

2. Monitor sleep
raybaby monitors the baby’s sleep cycle and alerts parents when the baby has woken up. A bonus feature is an alert when your baby is sleepy. The sleep tracker will also assist you in sleep training your baby.

3. Listen and speak to your baby
The raybaby audio interface includes a sensitive microphone and speaker that allow parents to listen to their baby. From the app, you can talk, sing, play music or even read to them. So, create playlists, record stories and songs, and don’t miss a bedtime story even if you’re away!

4. Watch your baby
raybaby comes with a 1 mega pixel HD camera with night vision. The head of raybaby that holds the video is movable and can be adjusted to suit table top or wall mounted positions of the device. The video can be disabled from the app without any interruption to the sleep and breathing trackers.

5. Maintain a smart journal
The raybaby journal offers insights into your baby’s sleep and breathing data and can be tracked for any date range. Useful on those doctor visits.

6. Share memories
raybaby creates a collage of your baby’s photos that you can save and even share with friends and family. Activate subscription to enable this.

7. Access the raybaby community
Meet other new parents here. Share your experiences, ask and support each other here. Interact with experts for insights on raising your baby.

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Version History

Launched Jun 23, 2018 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 23 days, on average.

Jan 12
Version 4.1

Reconfigure improvements

Jan 01
Version 4.0

Nov 19
Version 3.5

Video changes
Loader removed in video

Nov 04
Version 3.4


Oct 09
Version 3.2

Device Connection.
Video Changes

Aug 27
Version 3.1

FCM notifications

Apr 07
Version 3.0

UI Design enhancements and minor bug fixes

Mar 19
Version 2.9

Minor bugs fixes

Mar 04
Version 2.8

Improved setup and minor bugs fixes

Feb 06
Version 2.7

Improved setup and minor bugs fixes

Jan 31
Version 2.6

Improved setup and minor bugs fixes

Jan 13
Version 2.5

Customer care phone number is updated & Bug fixes

Dec 02
Version 2.4

Improved setup and minor bugs fixes

Nov 14
Version 2.3

Improved setup and minor bugs fixes

Nov 09
Version 2.2

Improved setup and minor bugs fixes

Oct 22
Version 2.1

Enhancements and minor bug fixes

Oct 07
Version 2.0

Notification enhancements and minor bug fixes

Sep 17
Version 1.9

Firmware update bug fixes

Sep 09
Version 1.8

QR code scan is added

Sep 04
Version 1.7

Accuracy enhancements

Aug 21
Version 1.6

Minor UI performance improvements and bug fixes

Aug 19
Version 1.5

Mute option has been added for live stream.

Aug 09
Version 1.4

Baby state notifications are added

Aug 01
Version 1.3

Bug fixes added

Jul 06
Version 1.2

Baby profile creation and edit bugs are fixed.

Jun 24
Version 1.0

Remote streaming bug fixes added

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