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Meditation Hang & Tongue Drums is not just another virtual musical instrument app. Now you can enjoy the magic sound of the Hang drum and Steel tongue drum in your smartphone. The sounds of these magical instruments are unique! Steel tongue drum dates back to the Tibetan singing bowls. Playing the drum you heal your soul, you harmonize your chakras, you clean and repair your body's energy balance. With this app you get the opportunity to plunge into the world of meditation and spiritual growth in any place and at any time! The application uses real drums sounds recorded in a professional studio. Playing the dream drum is possible for everyone since it does not require any skills and professional knowledge, only a desire to know more about your innerself and discover your soul.
P.S. And one more thing, use headphones for better experience :)

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Version History

Launched Oct 19, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jul 10
Version 3.1.0

★ Added Audio Record ability
★ App optimization.
★ Fixed Ads bug
★ Minor changes

May 22
Version 3.0.3

★ App optimization. Lower sound latency
★ Added new drum skin
★ Added new drum scale
★ Added new animated environment
★ Minor changes

Apr 25
Version 3.0.2

★ App optimization. Lower sound latency
★ Fixed the central note of Hang Drum.
★ New graphic design
★ Minor changes

Apr 22
Version 3.0.1

★ App optimization. Lower sound latency
★ Fixed the central note of Hang Drum.
★ New graphic design
★ Minor changes.

Jul 26
Version 3.0.0

The upgrade from version 2 to version 3 resets your purchase of scales. To restore your previous purchase and receive bonus you need to register and send me email, ID and the "Order number" that you have received upon your purchase of scales. And I will open all new features:
★ New skins, and animated skins
★ New ambient sounds
★ New backgrounds
★ Adjusting the volume of ambient sounds;
★ Recording video from the application;
★ Share recorded video;
★ Rrestore purchases

Aug 06
Version 2.1.0

★ Added the ability to select the Hang drum's skin
★ Added the ability to select a Hang drum's scale
★ Added the ability to swich off the reflections for better perfomance
★ Small sound changes.
★ Added the ability to buy full version

Mar 10
Version 2.0.0

Oct 19
Version 1.1

* уменьшил размер приложения
* исправил проблему звука при возвращении в приложение.

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