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The URANUS advanced horoscope and astrology app is a complete professional astrology app for a detailed analysis of each astrological element.

The astrological predictions and/or analyses that URANUS provides are based on your personalised astrological birth chart which is the key factor that differentiates URANUS from a plethora of other astrology apps that may give general interpretations.

It is commonly known that important people such as country governors as well as scientists have their personal astrologers whom they consult almost daily.

• Synastry: are we astrologically compatible?
• Ask the stars: “When is it the right time to act?”
• For how long is there good luck and/or difficult times ahead?
• Daily personalised horoscope based on your personal natal chart
• Your birth chart report
• Your progressed chart report
• Level for casual browsers and beginners
• Level for regular users and professional astrologers
• Solar revolution (the 12 months’ trends)
• Planets, zodiac signs, houses, aspects
• Analysis of astrology compatibility between you and other people that you will select!
• Analysis of the core meaning of the Zodiac degrees is examined individually
• Karmic astrology: analysis of the lunar nodes’ positions in the zodiac signs and houses
• Asteroids: analysis of asteroids’ impact on our life
• Astrology ratings for the natal planetary placements and aspects in zodiac signs and houses
• Astrology ratings for the planetary transits, regarding the intensity and duration of the planetary influence, for a more comprehensive interpretation
• Astrology ratings for the progressed planets which illustrate the personal progression and character development over time
• Compatibility ratings for a comprehensive interpretation of which relationships are compatible and which are not
• The different energies of each planet and their meanings for a better understanding of how they affect the areas of your life

The URANUS advanced horoscope and astrology app does not sidestep the professional astrologer since personal contact is irreplaceable, but URANUS can use exactly the same knowledge and share it to its user, through a smart analysis system of a vast, lively database that has been created and is being developed constantly.

Anyone who takes into consideration that URANUS is made available free of charge or for a token amount easily comes to the conclusion that it’s the next option after the personal contact with the professional astrologer. URANUS does not replace, but rather supplements and above all, is always available on your mobile.

We at URANUS feel that astrology can be used as a powerful and fun tool for understanding ourselves, others and the world around us, offering a simple and comprehensive terminology and texts for learning all about astrology, understanding human character and communicating our observations with others.

The application is also aimed equally at you, the professional astrologer, since it enables you to choose the professional function "fast reading" of charts and information.

Nietzsche: “If you think that the stars are simply hung above your head, you will never acquire knowledge”.

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Version History

Launched Jan 19, 2018 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Feb 05
Version 1.57.0

Minor updates

Feb 03
Version 1.56.0

Minor updates

Jan 26
Version 1.55.0

Minor Updates

Nov 24
Version 1.53.0

Minor updates

Nov 21
Version 1.52.0

Minor updates

Nov 18
Version 1.51.0

Minor updates, fix http connection

Nov 17
Version 1.50.0

Minor Updates

Nov 12
Version 1.49.0

Minor updates

Oct 07
Version 1.47.0

Split aspects to main and secondary view

Aug 25
Version 1.46.0

Remove ads

Jul 11
Version 1.45.0

minor updates

Dec 05
Version 1.44.0

Minor Updates

Aug 26
Version 1.43.0

Minor Updates

Aug 22
Version 1.41.0

Subscriptions Fixing, GDPR-Newsletter Acceptance, Add Landscape Feature

Jun 04
Version 1.39.0

Subscriptions Terms

May 28
Version 1.37.0

Minor Fixes

May 26
Version 1.36.0

Beginners and Advanced Version, Better Performance, Multiple Profile Charts, Rate Our App, Social Sharing

May 21
Version 1.34.0

Beginners and Advanced Version
Better Performance
Multiple Profile Charts
Final Version

Mar 13
Version 1.25.0

Better performance

Feb 24
Version 1.17.0

Login fixing, better performance

Feb 06
Version 1.14.0

App Demonstration
Sky Today & Horoscope
Spanish Language

Feb 02
Version 1.13.0

Facebook Login, newsletter & push notifications

Jan 31
Version 1.10.0

Test the app without registration.

Jan 25
Version 1.8.0

bug fix (save profile changes)

Jan 18
Version 1.6.0

• Synastry: are we astrologically compatible?
• Ask the stars: “When is it the right time to act?”
• For how long is there good luck and/or difficult times ahead?
• Daily personalised horoscope based on your personal natal chart
• Your birth chart report
• Your progressed chart report

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