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If you suffer from panic attacks, PanicShield can help provide relief.

PanicShield contains 4 different tools to protect against panic attacks and panic disorder:

Guide: Learn about the mental mechanisms of panic attacks, how to use the other portions of this app, and find helpful internet resources.

Breathe: A simple paced breathing tool that can help calm you down before a potential panic attack or during a panic attack. Simply breathe in and out as the circle grows and shrinks.

Internal Exposure: Train your mind to not be afraid of certain internal bodily sensations that you may associate with an imminent panic attack. Based on interoceptive exposure therapy.

External Exposure: Train your mind to not fear certain external situations or activities that you may avoid out of fear of having a panic attack there. Based on systematic desensitization therapy.

Panic Shield was designed in collaboration with multiple mental health professionals. Panic Shield is free and contains no ads or in-app purchases. Thank you for supporting our efforts with your positive ratings and reviews. Please send any requests, questions, or feedback via email to moodtools@moodtools.org and we will be sure to respond to each one.

Disclaimer: This mental health application is not intended to be a replacement for treatment nor any sort of medical intervention. Treatment by a mental health professional is, by far, the best way to overcome panic disorder or other mental illnesses.

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Version History

Launched Jul 19, 2016 (over 3 years ago).
Apr 04
Version 1.2

Bug fixes and tweaks!

May 19
Version 1.1

Oct 14
Version 1.0