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Enjoy this epic Evil Killer Survival escape adventure of mysterious haunted house games.
Mission involves lifting up the curse from the neighborhood and getting rid of the evil boss of ghosts safely. Breakout from this mysterious evil scary ghost town of horror residence in new Evil Killer Survival simulator game.

The story is about 3 college friends Allen, Ben & Shawn traveling to countryside to spend the summer holidays in survival horror. They had never been to this part of the state before in this evil games. They ended up in an old abandoned mysterious ghost killer town near hills. During night Allen had to go to the bathroom, he grabs a flashlight & heads towards ghost house in the town. After half an hour Allen still doesn’t comeback. Getting suspicious, Ben goes after him into the fog & vanishes too. Shawn thinking it as a prank takes a camcorder & goes after them to investigate and record the fun on the tape. That night Shawn recorded something that was not the fun but the fate of his friends & himself horror and paranormal activities. Help them escape this evil ghost place safely and stay alive. You will face unexpected creepy situations in this haunted town. Collect as many batteries as you can to stay alive. An ultimate survival escape game is about to begin.

This hero escape quest adventure is very challenging and engaging. There are ghost house and evil haunted mansions. Collect clues and battery for flashlight to survive. Surviving here is not a simple task. Make them run away before they attack you. Hunt the ghosts in the mysterious streets in Evil Killer Survival.

Evil Killer Survival Features:

Interesting Game Play
Amazing 3D Haunted Town
Collect batteries to stay alive
Smooth and intuitive controls
Thrilling and challenging Missions
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Hide and seek game with the evil ghosts

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Primary: Games

Secondary: Simulation

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Version History

Launched Oct 23, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 17 days, on average.

Jan 21
Version 1.7

Jan 06
Version 1.5

- Graphics and Design Improvements
- Add more Levels in Game play
- Minor Bugs Fixing

Dec 31
Version 1.4

Dec 17
Version 1.3

Oct 30
Version 1.2

Oct 28
Version Varies with device

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