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The Ooma Home Security mobile app, with the Ooma Telo communications hub and sensors, lets you secure and monitor your home from anywhere.

* Receive alerts when activity is detected with the option to remotely call 911 from your home phone number using your home address as the location of the emergency.

* Manage notification preferences and view real-time status and logs of all sensors.

* Add as many sensors as you need: Door/Window, Motion, and Water.

* Easy wireless installation of sensors anywhere in your home.

* Use the Home, Away, and Night modes to control when you would like to receive alerts about your sensor. Add up to seven additional modes for a total of ten.

* Use the mobile app to manually switch modes or automatically switch modes using a schedule with time of day and day of week.

* Learn more at ooma.com.

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Version History

Launched Feb 15, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Apr 08
Version 1.20.4

- crash fixes
- improved logging for debugging purposes

Feb 21
Version 1.19.3

- multiple Geofencing, Butterfleye, crash, and UI fixes
- fixed issue where phone name changes not being saved
- can now set notifications for garage sensors left open for 2, 3, or 4 minutes
- can now set Grace Period and Exit Delay to “0 seconds”

Known issue:
- We are working to prevent a connection error popup appears sometimes when opening the app for the first time in a while. The app continues functioning correctly after you dismiss the popup.

Jan 20
Version 1.16.5

- added ability to link Nest Protect smoke alarms with Ooma Home Security
- added ability to receive push notification banners while app is in the foreground
- various crash fixes
- general UI fixes

Nov 29
Version 1.15.5

- hotfix patch for major Geofencing issue

Nov 19
Version 1.15.3

- added ability to enable/disable disconnected sensor emails under More > System Settings
- added the ability to see screenshot of most recent Butterfleye camera video clips after pressing on Dashboard icon
- fixed a bug where some Log entries were being duplicated
- additional Butterfleye clip playback performance improvements
- fixed an SMS issue for Freedom Mobile customers
- general UI improvements
- added links to Ooma's sensor hardware shop

Nov 05
Version 1.14.0

- added ability to collapse consecutive motion sensor logs in Log screen
- added the ability to rename Geofencing mobile phones/devices
- improved prompts for Geofencing permissions
- fixed a bug related to calling Ooma customer support from the app help page
- more Butterfleye camera clip view bug fixes
- general Siren UI fixes
- fixed SMS notifications for Rogers carrier users
- fixed mode icons in the Log screen

Sep 19
Version 1.13.2

- made several improvements to live video streaming of Butterfleye cameras within the app
- fixed a bug that caused the app to crash after removing a Butterfleye camera
- added a control to enable/disable emails about disconnected sensors under More > System Settings
- fixed an issue where the swipe animation on the dashboard caused unwanted mode switches on some phones
- Action Center user interface improvements
- fixed a bug related to loading the video library for Butterfleye cameras

Aug 06
Version 1.11.2

- fixed an issue with playing Butterfleye camera video clips from the Log screen

Aug 02
Version 1.11.1

- added support for new Ooma Siren device (beta)
- added support for Ooma Butterfleye camera integration (beta)
- for users that have an Ooma Siren, added new Action Center interface

Jul 17
Version 1.10.4

- added UI support for the new "Off" mode
- updated customer support phone number
- added ability to enable/disable reminders to replace sensor batteries
- general UI fixes

Jun 10
Version 1.8.5

- critical Geofencing fixes

May 28
Version 1.8.4

- critical Geofencing fixes

Apr 30
Version 1.8.2

- Geofencing-related fixes. Additional fixes are on the way.
- Fixed an issue where some scheduled mode switches during certain times were executing incorrectly.

Apr 15
Version 1.8.1

- Geofencing-related fixes; additional fixes on the way
- fixed a bug where users could not schedule mode switches during certain times
- fixed a bug where scheduled mode switches during certain times were not displaying
- general UI fixes

Mar 01
Version 1.7.2

- fixed an issue where the app was crashing for some users using Android 5.0
- fixed a typo on the Notification Settings screen for motion sensors that made notification configuration confusing
- added improvements to the Geofencing setup flow

Feb 21
Version 1.7.1

- added Geofencing (beta), the ability to automatically change modes based on users' GPS locations
- fixed an issue with SMS notifications for MetroPCS users
- general user interface and crash fixes

Dec 08
Version 1.4.1

- added time zone designators to all timestamps in app
- general user interface improvements

Oct 04
Version 1.0.10

- fixed an issue where users' Home Security apps weren't auto-updating when new versions are released
- added some general user interface improvements

Aug 20
Version 1.0

- fixed issue where some Android 7 users were unable to add notification contacts
- added ability to turn off system notifications, such as mode switch notifications
- added ability to turn off tamper notifications for individual sensors
- added Ting as an SMS carrier

Apr 05
Version 1.0_alpha

- fixed an issue related to Daylight Saving Time
- general UI improvements

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