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What if you could parent with such insight that things really seemed much easier? What if you knew why your child behaved the way that they do and had strategies to use that unique design to parent with more confidence and insight?

That is what this app was designed to do. Take a short quiz to help determine your child’s unique design. Then, open up a world of understanding as we give tips on how to parent that unique design.

• What design is the hardest to potty train? (This could be yours.)
• Which design is most likely to climb out of the crib early?
• Is your child a secret rule follower?

Find out today!

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Version History

Launched Sep 18, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 days, on average.

Oct 16
Version 1.1.3

- Fixed an issue where the "Rule Follower" design might not have displayed correctly.
- Corrected some spelling
- Fixed an issue where not answering enough questions could result in the word "null" being displayed.

Oct 11
Version 1.1.1

Added additional information to the "{H-U-G} Moment" section of the results page.

Oct 05
Version 1.1.0

• Changed a header image for "Movement"
• Adjusted internal versioning

Sep 18
Version 1.0.3

First full release of Toddler By Design

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