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After 5 years of intensive researches, studying, analyzing and monitoring every single detail in styling and fashion world we built our system, the system which is introduced for the first time globally works on different sets of factors every factor has an influence in the styling process and varied in priority, weight, functionality and application.
In this crowded world of fashion, brands and occasions, Personal stylist is not a luxury anymore, it’s a need

We studied physical, mental and psychological habits and behaviors of Females and their bodies, how that could positively change how we think about outfits and clothes.
Its not only about science or technology, the system also studies and analyzes the user’s attitudes toward the outfits and what they have in their wardrobe and leave you out of the hustle what to wear and why.

How many times do you hear compliments about your looks or outfits? Get used to this
We all need that personal stylist who knows us best!

Our team:
We have a diverse team, they studied and worked in different fashion houses, styling schools and institutes, and each one of them comes from a different cultural background and holds a different college degree.
They have witnessed the dramatic changes that took place in the last 5 years in this evolving world, and they’ve been following all the famous celebrities anatomizing their outfits in order to give you the ultimate look.

Our system considers more than 31 factors that unleash the beauty of every female
Minus 28 is your companion when it comes to styling, good looking and more, within one swipe your outfit for today is ready.
An average girl spends around 28 hours in front of the mirror on monthly basis searching for what to wear, and still sometimes she doesn’t succeed in choosing what she really desires and stays confused.
With this app you can save this time and more, we believe we can do more for your looks, and what suits you!
We know that sometimes you are not in the mood to create a new outfit, or you even you don’t have that much time, that’s why we stepped up and created this app!
God created you beautiful, spread the word and show the true you.

Filling your closet, in the easiest, most friendly way ever!!
Some of us tried styling apps before, which they were about matching only based on specific brands, and without algorithm ,today we got your back by filling all the items for you in one place and you can filter them in 2 clicks, which takes less than 1 second and add the items , we even didn’t stop there , we added for you sketches where you can create your own items add the patterns you want and voila , you have what you wanted .

Make up and hair tips also included
We know that having a great look is not about clothes only, your hair and makeup have a role there, this is why in our first phase we added a few simple tips that can inspire you on how your makeup should be with the suggested outfit and with the related hair styles that goes with your normal hair and daily outfit

Still hesitant?
In this great app, you can directly share with your friends your outfit of the day through all the used and common platforms and you can have their reviews and feedback regarding this outfit!

Conquer the ordinary:
Every day , If you have a spare time , try to create your own outfit or choose the item you like to wear and let the system do the magic.

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Version History

Launched Jun 12, 2019 (2 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 days, on average.

Jul 15
Version 1.5.4

General enhancement,
Bug fixing

Jul 03
Version 1.5.3

• Improved overall stability
• Bug Fixes
• Performance Improvements

Jun 25
Version 1.5.2

bug fixing

Jun 11
Version 1.5.1

General enhancement

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