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The Celtic Druidry Handbook is a guide through ancient Celtic life and how that pertains to modern Druidry! Contains evidence based summaries of Celtic mythology, culture and symbolism as well as easy ways to celebrate Druidry today through earth based celebration and ritual! As a bonus, contains a section on the current moon phase! Best if viewed with an ipad or kindle as it contains a large amount of text.

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Version History

Launched Mar 23, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 24
Version 21.0.0

Updates and fixing an error.

Apr 11
Version 20.0.0

Updated content.

Jan 16
Version 19.0.0

Updated content.

Sep 26
Version 15.0.0

Updating grammatical errors.

Mar 22
Version 12.0.0

Missing links have been fixed. Ads have been removed. Grammatical errors fixed. Moon page updated.

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