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Prayer is a divine tool for prevailing in life, not to pray is to easily end up as a prey. This app is a compendium of scripturally loaded prayer guides designed to empower you for total triumph against all forms of life attacks and situation.

This app will expose you to some secret operations of the adversary and how to profitably deal with it. To walk in freedom in life, you must take responsibility to engage your voice in proclaiming your liberty. Connect with scripture based prayer revelation ordained to break you out from anything holding you down from fully manifesting as God desires on the earth.

Pray your way out of diverse troubling life situations as you engage this app, it contains revelational prayers for enforcing your freedom from all forms of oppression and affliction, some of the areas covered in the prayers contained in this apps are:

- Deliverance from Spiritual Attacks
- Deliverance from foundational powers
- Deliverance from negative thoughts & evil imagination
- Deliverance from backwardness, stagnation and retardation
- Deliverance from negative family patterns
- Deliverance from rejection and disappointment
- Deliverance from limitation & opposition
- Deliverance from Spirit spouse
- Deliverance from barrenness
- Deliverance from near success syndrome
- Defeating the stronghold of affliction
- Healing Scriptures confession and lots more..

This app will surely expose you to strategic and solution activating prayers that will move you from living as a victim into living as a victor. You are not created to be tormented, afflicted, oppressed and defeated, you are created and redeemed to live triumphantly. However , you must take responsibility in the place of prayer to enforce the manifestation of this divine reality on the earth.

Step into your realm of supernatural triumph and freedom as you pray the prayers contained in this app and let us know how this has been a blessing to you.

Benjamin Beckley

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