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CANS CARDS® were created in an effort to offer the marine navigator a simple easy to use set of quick reference cards for marine navigation in Canadian waters. As part of the information package the International Flag Code System is also included.

CANS CARDS® are a set of 40 cards laid out in the format of a playing card deck, select an Icon and scroll left or right to move through the deck, hit return to go back to the main Icon menu. The "APP" doesn't do anything fancy it is simply a handy set of reference cards that you can access conveniently on your smart phone.

Lateral Buoys, Fairway Buoys, Isolated Danger, Standard Daybeacons, Special Buoys, Distress Signals, Operating “Rules of the Road”, Cardinal Buoys with light flashing sequences and the International Flag Code System are all here in one convenient location for quick reference when boating on Canadian waters.

Boaters call navigation rules "The Rules of the Road." These rules define the roles and responsibilities of vessel operators. If all operators obeyed these rules, most accidents could be avoided. One of the reasons the Rules of the Road exist is to keep boats from colliding with each other and with other objects. Collisions are the number one type of accident on the water; boaters should review and remember the following Rules of the Road.

The Rules vary slightly depending on whether you are boating on inland or on international waters. As an example, when operating on inland waters, sound signals are signals of "intent"; when operating on international waters, they are signals of "action".

Please note that marine navigational systems are not standardised worldwide. Our understanding is that the cardinal system is universal, but the lateral system is divided into two regions. Most countries operate with the port (red) buoys showing on the left hand side when entering a channel with an incoming tide, but in the Americas, the system is reversed.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented by this App, it should only be used as a learning aid, and not to replace course materials and official publications.

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Launched Apr 10, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).
Apr 10
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