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It may be that the clock on some devices from system 8.0 (Oreo) does not work properly. If this is the case, please send me a mail to scapemem@gmail.com, so that I can then cancel the purchase. We hope to create and upload a new version as soon as possible, which will work again on all systems. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

This app contains only the OSLO Analog Clock Widget
Apps and widgets are used in the preview screenshots are not a part of this Clock Widget. More Apps, Widgets or Themes/Skins from the OSLO Collection available on Google Play Store.

Widget Content
- Designer Clock Widget
- Optional date display on desktop
- Themed HD homescreen wallpapers
- Multi language
- Special ringtone
- Unlimited music alarms, auto snooze and auto dismiss for each alarm
- Compatible with all launchers (e.g. Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher, or Home++).

How to add the Clock Widget to your Homescreen?
Older Android OS: Press and hold on any homescreen on your Android phone. Select Widget under the Add to Home menu. Choose a widget that you would like to install.

Android 4.0 or higher: Go to your Desktop, press the six-square button on the top right, then on the top left there is a menu for Apps and Widgets. Hit the Widgets Menue and scroll through. Touch and Hold, and put on desktop. Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

Each Launcher has its own setting to install widgets and display them on the Homescreen, please read the description provided by the launcher for the widgets installation.

Change Position
To change the position of a widget, press the respective widget for several seconds and move it to the desired position. Then release it.

Change size
To change the size of a widget, press the widget for several seconds without moving it.
The widget is now displayed with a border. You can change the size of the widget by dragging the dots at the edge of the widget one by one in the desired direction. Once the widget has the correct size, tap a free space to complete the process.

If the clock is not displayed in the middle or in the correct size, you can also set the raster size for most launcher, either to position the widgets in the middle or to enlarge or reduce them.

The size setting of the grid is usually found in the setting of the launcher under "Screen settings" or "App drawer setting"

The available grid sizes are:
- 4 x 4 symbols
- 4 x 5 symbols
- 5 x 5 symbols

Clock Setting
Custom launcher menu for quick access by simply tapping the clock! Choose the high-quality wallpapers that complement the clock, and optional for the clock's alarm tone round out the package.

If you have any problems or any suggestions for our Clock Widgets, please do not hesitate to tell us. We will help you! E-mail: scapemem@gmail.com

Made in Germany Berlin - copyright© all rights reserved Memscape

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Version History

Launched Apr 14, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Aug 13
Version 2.81

Now it should also work on Oreo (8.0)
Please uninstall the old version and upload the new version from the Play Store so that the configuration files will be included

Jun 07
Version 2.77

May 16
Version 2.61

- higher resolution 801x801 pxl
- second hand
- new HD Wallpapers
Since the resolution of the clock will have increased, it may happen that the clock is either not displayed in the correct size or is not centered. Please read the following points in the description: "Change position", "Change size" and "Grid", to bring the clock to the right size and position.

Feb 06
Version 2.50

Alarm Update

Apr 14
Version 2.40

OSLO is an elegant designer clock, a blend of modern and classic design. Include a date display at your option. Choose the high-quality themed wallpapers that complement the clock.

You will get an individuel and magnificent style for your smartphone and Tablet with this exclusive design.

This app contains only the OSLO Designer Clock Widget
More Apps, Widgets or Themes from the same designline or collection, available on Google Play Store.

- designer clock widget
- optional date display on desktop
- themed HD homescreen wallpapers
- multi language

short instruction to activate your clock widget :
Press and hold on any homescreen on your Android phone.
Select Widget under the Add to Home menu.
Choose a widget that you would like to install.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions.
E-mail: scapemem@gmail.com

copyright© memscape
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