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This app provides the easiest way to perform self-examinations. Self-examinations are key to help detect early skin cancer and melanoma.

By checking your skin every month for irregularities that might be early cancer, and bringing those changes to your doctor's attention, you can play a key role in protecting your life.

Performed regularly, self-examination can alert you to changes in your skin and aid in the early detection of skin cancer.

How It Works

1. We Make Mole Tracking Easy
You take pictures of your moles and we store them on your device along with dates and other information. We never upload or save your information anywhere else. It's your health data, and only you should own it.

2. We Help You Analyze
You can playback your pictures to see how moles are evolving over time . You can also add color filters to help you identify malignant patterns.

3. We Send You Reminders
When a mole hasn't been scanned in a while, we remind you of it. At intervals of your choosing.

4. Easily Share Your Data With a Doctor
If you find a mole that concerns you, you can quickly share your mole history with a dermatologist near you.

5. Keep Your Family Healthy
Check your moles and those of your family members directly from the same app.

This app does *NOT* provide automated diagnoses. Automated diagnoses are inaccurate and can be very dangerous because of the possibility of false negatives. If you are concerned about a mole, go see a doctor immediately!

Start tracking and stay healthy.

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