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Out exploring on your snowmobile? Take your own mobile trail assistant for the ride!

The New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (NBFSC) brings an enhanced version of its web application to your pockets, making for a better riding experience than ever. Working both with and WITHOUT mobile data coverage, you will be able to enjoy the app’s functionalities no matter where you are on the trails.

This app gives you access to the following *OFFLINE* features, anywhere, anytime, even in areas without cell coverage :

- See your location on the map through your phone’s GPS signal
- View nearby restaurants, gas stations, hotels, parking and other services
- Access the trails conditions as per the last data connection available
- See the distance between you and a specific point (as the crow flies)
- Easily access a list of curated snow tours
- Quickly save and load itineraries

Getting back to a zone with mobile coverage? Enjoy these additional *ONLINE* features :

- Keep an eye on updated trail statuses for the best riding experience
- Easily meet with friends by sharing your position with each other (no one else can see your location)
- Plan out an itinerary and share it with your group

Welcome to the GoSnowmobiling NB 2018-2019! mobile experience and enjoy the ride!

- Continued use of the GPS and location sharing running in the background can significantly increase battery consumption. It is recommended to toggle it off when not needed to improve autonomy.
- **This purchase allows you to access up-to-date NBFSC trail information for the 2018-2019 winter season. A new purchase will be required for the 2019-2020 season.**

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Version History

Launched Jan 08, 2019 (11 months ago).
Mar 17
Version 1.0.3

Thank you for all your feedback! This new release is concentrated on enhancing the data update process.

Jan 29
Version 1.0.2

Once again, thank you for all your comments! This version includes the following fixes:
- Device GPS usage optimization to save battery life
- Correction of the problem keeping the GPS active even when the app is in background
- Correction of the problem keeping the share location active even when turned off
- Correcting problem causing the app to repeatedly ask for data updates even if the latest is already installed.
- Adjusted the data update server request timeout.
- And a few minor fixes.

Jan 07
Version 1.0

The new official NBFSC Trail Guide for the 2018-2019 season