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Puddle & Pile is a fun, interactive tool to help both you and your dog enjoy toilet training! “That’s right enjoy toilet training”.
Sick of mess on your floor? Sick of being frustrated at your beloved friend? Remove this one frustration and love having your dog more! Puddle & Pile will quickly learn your dog's toileting patterns and alert you before accidents happen.
When your dog relieves, simply bring out your phone and record the action. Over just a few days Puddle & Pile will learn when your dog needs to be outside and it will bark, so you can save your floor! Consistently responding to puddles and piles alerts by giving your pooch a garden tour will help you toilet train your dog quickly. Record every success or accident and see how quickly praise out weighs frustrations.

- Your purchase doesn't stop here. 50% profits in Australia support Guide Dogs Victoria!
- Or why not just use it to remind you even with older dogs that outside time is needed.
- Customize the background with your favourite pooch picture. It's your dogs App!
- Grow together with more positive times
- Share your dog's history with others who may be looking after them.
- Share your dog's history with your vet if there are strange patterns for an easy diagnosis.
- Inspired by a continual puppy raiser for Guide Dog Victoria.

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Version History

Launched Dec 04, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).
Dec 04
Version 1.2

- Initial Version
- Record your dogs routine
- Predict your dogs next toilet
- Customize with a picture of your dog
- View and share your dogs routine