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Once downloaded, the Malouf® Base app automatically locates your Structures bed base for easy syncing. Simply tap the name of your bed base to connect.

The initial screen allows you to access the manual controls menu. This includes head up, head down, foot up, foot down, and if your base includes lumbar support you can choose lumbar up and lumbar down. You’ll also see a button for the undercarriage LED nightlight, if your model includes that feature.

Swipe right to see your programmed positions like Zero Gravity, TV/Read, Anti-Snore, and Flat.

Finally, your last screen is all about massage. Adjust the head and foot intensity, wave pattern, and timer.

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Malouf Base screenshot 1Malouf Base screenshot 2Malouf Base screenshot 3Malouf Base screenshot 4

Version History

Launched Mar 03, 2019 (about 2 months ago).
Mar 03
Version 1.0.2

Fixed a crash when connected to M550 base when navigating to the Alarms view.


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