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📢Want to know where you have the best cell coverage? That’s exactly what My Signal Tracker, a free app, will do for you.📢

My Signal Tracker app users support the Best Signal Finder community by submitting their network performance and speed testing data to our crowdsourced database. A robust database enables us to inform all Best Signal Finder community members where the best close-by signals have been detected. The more contributing members we have, the greater the coverage and accuracy of our information.

📡With My Signal Tracker, you'll be able to:📡
⭐️ View your personal network signal info across LTE, 4G, 3G, and 2G to gauge your mobile network signal strength by technology.
⭐️ See real-time signal strength measurements, as well as historical data (daily, weekly, and monthly). With your own personal mobile network cell coverage map, you can see exactly where your mobile network has good signal and where you don’t.

📡Personal Cell Coverage Map:📡
⭐️View your cell phone coverage heat map for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE to see real-time personal cellular network signal information. See performance by location so you can see how signal strength is at home, in your neighborhood, at work, on the highways, or anywhere else. Track your journey to see signal strength at each location through your mobile life. If you see your phone reception is poor, check My Signal Tracker to find a spot for better signal strength.

📡Cell Signal Strength History:📡
⭐️View historical data on your network signal strength for your 2G, 3G and 4G network. Track your daily signal strength or view previous network signal info over the past days, weeks, months, and all time.

📡Some (of the many) questions that My Signal Tracker answers include:📡
⭐️ How good is my 2G, 3G, and 4G network cell coverage at the places I visit the most?
⭐️ Where and when is my cell phone reception at its worst?
⭐️ Is my network signal strength improving over time?

Available in 200 countries and over 800 other carrier networks around the world.

We never collect email, phone numbers or app usage behavior details. We do however collect location and network performance information. But please rest assured that we will never use this information to personally identify you or any other app user.

In addition to powering Best Signal Finder, our crowdsourced data is also made available for licensing to mobile network operators and cell tower owners. This data is extremely useful to our licensees, who are keenly focused on optimizing their network coverage and performance.

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Version History

Launched Jan 25, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

May 19
Version 2.1.11

- Bug fixes
- Best Signal Finder feature added

Jan 24
Version 1.9.21

- Bug fixes

Dec 26
Version 1.9.20

- Bug fixes

Dec 20
Version 1.9.2

- Bug fixes

Jun 07

- Save Custom Locations - You are now able to create your own custom boundaries around an area to track your signal performance, in that location, over time.

- Signal measurements are now being collected more frequently.

- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

Thank you for using My Signal Tracker! Please let us know if you have any feature requests, feedback, or just comments, at feedback@mysignaltracker.com.
Stay tuned as we're releasing major features in the future!

Mar 22
Version 1.7.3

- Minor UI improvements
- Bug fixes and performance updates

Jan 25
Version 1.5.4

Thanks for downloading My Signal Tracker!
We aim to provide the best user experience, and we plan to do so by listening to your feedback.
Please do not hesitate to email us at feedback@mysignaltracker.com with any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have.
Now go ahead and start tracking your signal!

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