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Daily inspiration to get you out of your head and into the now, where you remember how awesome you are, and all that IS possible.

Hundreds of powerful thoughts and affirmations to lift you up ground you down and keep you connected to your truest self.

Open the APP anytime you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, or wanting a boost of joy and inspiration. “Pull a card” at random or swipe through the cards to find the perfect one for you at that moment. You can also create a daily alert at the time of your choice to receive your daily dose of inspiration.

Easily share the inspiration via text, email, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, because everyone can use some inspiration!

Heal your past.
Create your future.
Live your now.
Who you are is perfect.
Who you are is necessary.
Accept yourself fully.
Love yourself fully.
Own who you are fully.
Own Your Awesome!

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Version History

Launched Aug 14, 2018 (about 1 year ago).
Aug 21
Version 1.4

bug fixes and regular maintenance

Apr 21
Version 1.3

Regular maintenance and bug fixes.

Aug 13
Version 1.1

It's here! The long awaited daily inspiration APP from Your Joyologist, AKA Tricia Huffman. Tricia has transformed her own life and thousands of others (including Grammy Award winning artists) with the use of her affirmations and powerful thoughts to shift your mindset and your life! Download the Own Your Awesome® APP now to truly own your life!