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Dual Space Pro plug-in version for 64-bit devices.

This app helps improve the performance of Dual Space Pro and solve following issues:

1. Fixed the compatibility issue of some cloned apps on 64-bit devices.
(E.g. fixed the issue that 64-bit WhatsApp or Twitter cannot run normally in Dual Space Pro)

2. Improve the stability of Dual Space Pro.


1. The app is an add-on for Dual Space Pro. Please install DualSpace Pro on your phone first.

2. This app is for 64-bit system. Please make sure your phone system is 64-bit before installation.

About Dual Space Pro:

Dual Space Pro is an app that provides natural & separate virtual environment for Android users to clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously on one device.

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Primary: Applications

Secondary: Tools

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DualSpace Pro - 64bit Support screenshot 1DualSpace Pro - 64bit Support screenshot 2

Version History

Launched May 20, 2019 (9 months ago).
May 19
Version 1.0

1. Compatible with 64-bit apps and improve the stability of DualSpace Pro
2. Fixed the issue that some cloned apps run abnormally in 64-bit devices