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WhatAGallery selects pictures from your phone gallery.

1. View Your Gallery WhatsApp Sent pictures.
2. View Your Gallery WhatsApp Received pictures.
3. See Your Saved Gallery WhatsApp Profile pictures by name.
4. Mark your All time favorite pictures and see them at one place.

it reads WhatsApp profile pictures from your phone gallery and find the name of the person from your phone book.

Disclaimer :
All profile pictures which this application displays are read from users phone. WhatAGallery just map this pictures with the name of the person in your contact book. Sharing/Management of the WhatsApp images is sole responsibility of user.WhatsApp is third party app and this app does not use an functionality or feature of it.WhatAGallery users permission to read sd card folder and filter the images based on the dates of receive and sent to display it to user.

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Launched Sep 13, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Sep 12
Version 1.0

First Release