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'NJ+NY Scratch Lottery Odds' is a must have app for all Garden State and Empire State enthusiasts of instant games. It's an "augmented reality" app that allows you instantly check unclaimed prizes statistics for NJ and NY scratch tickets. Just point your phone's camera to a card in a store and see does it worth buying. Stop wasting your money on empty games - play consciously!

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Version History

Launched Dec 18, 2016 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 20 days, on average.

Sep 01
Version 2.11

Added support for NJ #01446 and NY #1294, #1293, #1292, #1291

Jul 15
Version 2.8

Added "$500,000 Riches" game #01432 (New Jersey)
Added "Super Casino" game #01431 (New Jersey)
Added "Power Play Crossword" game #01430 (New Jersey)
Added "Double Match" game #01429 (New Jersey)

Jul 05
Version 2.7

Added "Mega Crossword" game #01413 (New Jersey)
Combine information about games with the same name

Jun 09
Version 2.6

Added "All Cash Club" game #01425 (New Jersey)
Added "Liberty Bill$" game #01424 (New Jersey)
Added "Double $$" game #01423 (New Jersey)
Added "Hot Spot Bingo" game #01414 (New Jersey)
Added "Loteria" game #01409 (New Jersey)
Added "Diamonds X10" game #1284 (New York)
Added "Wonka Golden Ticket" game #1282 (New York)

May 17
Version 2.5

Added "$250,000 Crossword" game #01418 (New Jersey)
Infocard font changed to Arial
Improved connection errors handling

May 03
Version 2.4

Added "100X The Bucks" game #01422 (New Jersey)
Added "Lady Luck" game #01417 (New Jersey)
Added "Lucky Catch" game #01416 (New Jersey)

Apr 14
Version 2.1

Added "Spring $50s" game #01410 (New Jersey)
Added "$500 Money Madness" game #01408 (New Jersey)
Added "Multiplier Mania" game #01390 (New Jersey)
Added "$5 Million Fortune" game #1279 (New York)

Mar 09
Version 1.8

Added "Black and Gold" game #01411 (New Jersey)
Added "$5,000,000 Fortune" game #01407 (New Jersey)
Added "Money Vault" game #01406 (New Jersey)
Added "Money Bags" game #01405 (New Jersey)
Added "Crossword" game #01394 (New Jersey)

Mar 04
Version 1.7

Added "$250,000 Crossword" game #01415 (New Jersey)
Added "Lucky Bucks" game #1277 (New York)
Added "Cash 50" game #1276 (New York)
Added "$1,000,000 Large" game #1274 (New York)
Added "Big Red 8s" game #1278 (New York)

Feb 12
Version 1.6

Added "Lucky 7s" game #01397 (New Jersey)
Added "Lucky 7s Doubler" game #01398 (New Jersey)
Added "Lucky 7s Tripler" game #01399 (New Jersey)
Added "Lucky 7s Multiplier" game #01400 (New Jersey)

Jan 25
Version 1.5

Added "Super Crossword" game #01403 (New Jersey)

Jan 14
Version 1.4

Added "Big Money Spectacular" game #01393 (New Jersey)
Added "Instant Bingo" game #0139 (New Jersey)
Added "Double Dollars" game #1273 (New York)
Added "Money Match" game #1272 (New York)
Added "Loose Change Multiplier" game #1271 (New York)

Jan 07
Version 1.3

Added support for Kisses & Cash Game # 01388 and All Cash Club Game # 01389

Dec 18
Version 1.2

Support for New York Lottery tickets added
Fixed game #01377 "Holiday Lucky Times 10" recognition bug
Improved game #01381 "Cash Flurries" recognition

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