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This app is for you to shuffle the 47 card Crystal Oracle deck and receive your daily Crystal to hold or wear for energetically assisting you. Plus, its insightful message for you. Pick a stone today!
Holding a stone daily can help you:
Balance your emotions
Give you positive energy
Boost your focus
Protect you from negativity
Attract love & abundance
Crystal & Gems can help us receive insight on our lives. A daily stone reading will give you messages to guide you to make the best out of each day! A crystal's energy can help us heal, adjust or balance. Holding on you need, on a daily basis can assist you for optimal wellbeing. As every day is different and as we have different emotions from day to day of life, your body has different needs to balance it. Daily Stone readings can help you create fantastic energy!
My Daily Crystal was created by a Psychic intuitive Jolie DeMarco aka the Crystal Junkie! Follow her for details on Crystal and gems anyhow they can change your life!

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Launched Oct 04, 2017 (over 2 years ago).
Oct 04
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First release!