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Genuine-ID Document Check is a free app for secure document verification in seconds. It reliably reads and checks passports, ID cards, and driver's licenses in real-time and at any time of day – be it from home or on the road. The system recognizes all documents officially issued in Europe. This describes a demo use of the application.

The Process:
1. With your smartphone camera, take a picture of your identity document. In the first verification step, the system categorizes which type of document it is. In the second step, the document is checked for numerous security features.

2. If the document is genuine, it verifies that you are the same person in document. You will be asked to look into the camera. Your facial features are then compared with those on the document photo ("Face Matching"). Then you will be asked to close your eyes for a certain amount of time, and finally, you will be prompted to smile ("Liveness Detection").

With Face Matching and Liveness Detection you can be certain that no one else can impersonate you during the process.

Please contact us if you would like to integrate ID document verification into your business processes and applications.
Contact: sales@jenidsolutions.com , +49 3641 31610 70

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Version History

Launched Feb 01, 2017 (almost 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Oct 15
Version 3_2_2_20289

This version improves security by determining if a document was captured manually or automatically.

Mar 23
Version 3_1_0_20080

This version improves security with NFC chip reading, some aspects of the user interface and the workflow.

Feb 20
Version 3_1_0_20052

This version improves security with NFC chip reading, some aspects of the user interface and the workflow.

Nov 06
Version 3_0_3_19311

This version improves mainly the user interface and the workflow. Some bugs were fixed too.

Jul 09
Version 3_0_2_19191

This version Improves mainly the user interface. Some bugs were fixed too.

Jun 10
Version 3_0_1_19162

Improvement of Manual Capture

May 21
Version 3_0_1_19142

Check for capture of copies and screen shots.
Minor workflow and UI fixes.

Apr 28
Version 3_0_1_19114

Local ransaction list, all of your transactions can be viewed in your local transaction list. Please note that the list is per device only not per user name. Therefore you cannot see your transactions on an other device if you change the device.
Improved facial capturing.
Some minor UI improvements

Feb 12
Version 2_2_1_19044

Show Drivers Classes for EU Driver Licenses
Face Matching for German Driver Licenses activated. NOTE: On Licenses with very old photos you might not get a match anyway due to bad quality of the printed photo.
Fix camera resolution and focus issues on devices with only legacy camera api support.
Fix view switching bug
Known issues: Shifted camera stream on some Tablets; Unsharp images on low resolution devices;

Feb 11
Version 2_2_1_19043

Fix camera resolution and focus issues on devices with only legacy camera api support.

Jan 27
Version 2_2_1_19028

Improved document finding, enhanced face detection and better liveness detection.

Jan 02
Version 2_1_4_19003

Improved face finding and liveness detection functionality.

Dec 21
Version 2_1_4_18356

Improved face finding and liveness detection functionality.

Dec 20
Version 2_1_4_18355

Improved face finding and liveness detection functionality.

Oct 20
Version 2_1_3_18294

- minor UI update
- login with Email address possible
- login data is stored again
- the valid special character set is shown when registering

Oct 14
Version 2_1_3_18287

- UI update, specifically for document and face detection.
- Login with Email address possible.

Sep 27
Version 2_1_3_18271

- new registering process
- password resetting possible
- more security
- even more stability

Sep 24
Version 2_1_2_18268

- improved sharpness calculation
- even more stability

Sep 11
Version 2_0_1_18252

- improved sharpness calculation
- even more stability

Jul 04
Version 2_0_1_18185

- UI enhancements
- Minor bug fixing
- enhanced sharpness calculation
- better capture quality
- dynamic camera2 api usage

Mar 08
Version 2_0_1_18068

- Improvement of document Auto-Capture function
- Fix crash on LG Spirit
- Minor fixes on UI

Dec 18
Version 1_4_9_17352

- Fixed: App did not start on some devices
- Removed: MRZ Reader due to APK size issues;
- Removed support for Android 4.4
-Known Issues which we are currently working on:
+ Correction View: Buttons do hide the correction frame partially
+Document Finder: Passports are not reliable captured
+Face Finder does not work on some Tablets
Please report issues to support@jenidsolutions.com.

Dec 03
Version 1_4_8_17338

- Improve quality measurement for document capture
- Improved user guidiance for facial capturing

Sep 24
Version 1_4_6_17268

- Fix bug in UI

Sep 22
Version 1_4_6_17262

- Prototype release of new UI for Face Capturing
- NOTE: Face matching will work for Passports only and will be further enhanced and calibrated

Aug 23
Version 1_4_4_17236

Renewal of MRZ Reader License

Jul 06
Version 1_4_4_17188

- Add Facial capturing in BETA phase; NOTE: Facial matching is currently only enabled for German Passports and new German ID Card on the Genuine-ID CLOUD Server
- Updated for new Genuine-ID Hub Version
- Fix minor bugs

Apr 05
Version 1_4_0_1796

- Fix bug: Showing wrong verification status in result screen for some checks. The status is now correctly displayed.

Feb 01
Version 1_3_3_1732

- Fix wrong cropping of documents on some devices

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