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Create you own custom jam tracks. Pick your chords, tempo and style and let Backing Track Builder do the rest!


☆ CREATE LITERALLY BILLIONS OF POSSIBLE JAM TRACKS. It's like having your own personal backing band!

☆ BUILD YOUR TRACK YOUR WAY. Choose the perfect chords, tempo and style.

☆ WIDE RANGE OF STYLES IN A VARIETY OF GENRES. Rock, blues, jazz, metal, pop, country and more.

☆ GET PLAYING IMMEDIATELY WITH RANDOM CHORD SEQUENCES. Randomly generate chord progressions for rock, blues and jazz.

☆ ALL TRACKS USE LIVE INSTRUMENTS. Midi sequencers and drum machines are not used.

☆ SUGGESTED SCALES FOR EACH TRACK. Backing Track Builder will also suggest scales and display diagrams for guitar players.


The custom tracks are great for improvising for guitarists, pianists, saxophonists and other instrumentalists. The tracks are also very useful for song writers.


Moody Blues: Straight back beat guitar chops, organ chords and a low bass riff.

Pop Strums: 16th note strummed guitar with a syncopated rhythm.

Aussie Rock: Distorted guitar chords with an offbeat rhythm, powerful drums and a constant 8th note bass guitar pulse.

Blues Swing: Muted swing guitar with a lead organ part.

Metal Riffing: 16th note metal guitar riff with roots, thirds or fifths. Agressive drums. It's like having your own heavy metal band in a phone!

Blues Rhoads: Rhythmic Fender Rhoads piano recorded with a DI box along with a straight rhythm and cross stick drums.

Simple Jazz: Major, minor, 7 and a wide range of other piano chords with 2 beats per bar accompanied by a swing hihat.

Piano Rock: Play-along with driving piano chords with solid drums.

Slow and Heavy: Slow, heavy powerchords with a high harmony lead guitar.

Piano Rock: Driving piano chords with solid drums.

Funky Organ: Crunchy Hammond organ with a 16th note syncopated rhythm.

Split Strums: Strums in 2/4 time. Great for creating tracks with split bars.

Keys and Pad: Electric piano arpeggios over soft synth pad.

Soft Picking: Slow muted arpeggios with a synth pad accompaniment.

Ballad Arps: Soaring piano arpeggios with a subtle synth pad.

Jazz Trio: Classic piano, drums and bass trio.

Organ Rock: Distorted organ with a swing rhythm eigths rhythm.

Slow Blues: Blues swing with piano and organ comping.

Offbeat Pop: Offbeat strums with a funky bass line.

Big Band Jazz: Fast swing with horns.

The chords used include major, minor, minor7, major7, dominant7, minor7b5, altered dominants, add9 and diminished 7th.

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Version History

Launched Jun 01, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 07
Version 15.70361416

Fixed download error. Added 64 bit support. 7 new styles! Smooth Jazz, 6/8 Ballad, Blues Piano, Epic Rock, Rocks Arps, Slow Blues and Fast Rock!

Aug 22
Version 15.66548149

New "Metal Groove" style added.

Aug 16
Version 15.66033415

Fix for bug that caused audio not to change correctly on some devices.

Jul 20
Version 15.60443171

Fixed bug causing the app to slow down after extended use. Increased maxiumum and minimum tempos. 3 new tracks! Slow Blues, Big Band Jazz and Offbeat Pop.

Jun 12
Version 15.60443166

Various bug fixes. Added link to new Rock Licks and Riff Writer apps in the "more Apps" section.

Jan 07
Version 15.15417270

Bug fixes.

Sep 14
Version 1.40

Improved app speed.

Jul 05
Version 1.29

Bug fixes.

Jul 02
Version 1.28

New "Organ Rock" style. Corrected a few errors with the tempo descriptions.

Jun 27
Version 1.27

New Jazz Trio style added! Various bug fixes.

Jun 21
Version 1.25

Full compatibility with Android 7.

Jun 01
Version 1.24

First public release.

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