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1. XuanWheel, a APP PROGRAMMABLE bicycle light that can turn your bicycle wheel into a colorful screen. The light shines both sides, and is controlled via APP.
2. APP DIY: Search “xuanwheel”in google play or APP store to download APP. You can add GIFs\photos\text and DIY any pictures by APP. Then send it to Xuanwheel in one second. Support Bluetooth 4.0, support Android 4.3 and above, iPhone 4S and above system.
3. DISPLAYING CLEAR PICS AT A LOW SPEED of 15km/h-60km/h.S1 consists of 96 ultra-bright RGB LEDs and two led bars, which is much more than normal spokes.
4. EASY TO INSTALL: Fits 24 inches bike wheel and above sizes.Installation tutorial available. For more imformation: https://youtu.be/jvIGSQMg4sw

You can buy it on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0752SKG5N

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Version History

Launched Mar 03, 2016 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

May 26
Version 5.1.3

Optimize bluetooth connection.
Fix stuck issue when sending GIF to a auto connected XuanWheel

Apr 15
Version Varies with device

Fix GIF Builder error.
Loop images Builder may still have problem.
Add gift page.

Sep 05
Version v.2017.09.06

Fix some sending problem
Prevent loo much alerts when XuanWheel stacks.
Add Location Service Detection (If this service is disabled, XuanWheel cannot be found).
Add tips and helps if you have connection issue.
Add tips for GIF builder.

Aug 24
Version v.2017.08.25

Fix the crash when sending GIF
Fix crash in the Main View
Add a new way to create GIF
Make Loop mode more convenient and powerful.

Aug 17
Version v.2017.08.18

Fix the crash when sending GIF
Fix crash in the Main View
Add a new way to create GIF
Make Loop mode more convenient and powerful.

Jul 30
Version v.2017.07.31

Prevent crashing when showing alert.
Add magnet notification.
Optimize scan view.
Prevent stack when upload too frequently.

Jul 11
Version v.2017.07.11

fix the bluetooth scan part.

Jun 18
Version v.2017.06.19

Optimize the XuanWheel scan view
Fix the bug that sending image to the wheel doesn't work.
Fix some crash problems.
Add a Click Mode. If you cannot drag image to upload to the wheel, try Click Mode.

Jun 06
Version v.2017.06.06

Fix the bug that cannot adjust the display angle for Front Wheel.
Fix the bug that battery power calculation is incorrect.
Add the battery alert when battery is at 20% of capacity.
Fix the bug that cannot add DIY image to a GIF.

Jun 01
Version v.2017.06.01

Re-write the entire app. We want to make it as stable as possible.
DIY part is more powerful.
Scan view is more useful.
Support the fast xuanwheel.
For android 6.0 and later, we need location permission to get the scanning results.
The storage permission is used to migrate the old data from previous Version(3.1) and delete the useless the data.

Dec 20
Version v.2016.12.20

Previous version of XuanWheel is an old version released in 2014. The developer didn't check whether it can work or not, and release that irresponsibly. So she is FIRED. We apologize for what happened before.
In fact, this version is a stable edition, but not perfect. At least, this time, the app can work.
-Use the new UI.
-Support more than one type of hardware.
-Optimize translations.
-Fix some crash problem.

Sep 29
Version 11.0

Through foreign user feedback, we are more like previous versions, now in order to meet a large number of users, will launch the original version.

Sep 06
Version 1.0

1. The interface change is bigger, support connecting two dazzle wheel at the same time.
2. Provide new speed unit selection function, convenience for the users in different countries
3. Update the interface, to provide users with a large number of dazzle wheel pictures
5. Repair bluetooth transmission is too slow
6. Display hardware and software information
7. According to dazzle wheel, the rest of the convenient when the battery is low to alert users to charge

Mar 03
Version 0.1.4

fix some bugs

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