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Life’s more manageable when

> You know your mother’s medications before you’re in the emergency room

> You have dates for all the procedures you’ve had ready to recite at each doctor’s appointment

> Your sibling learns how much time you’re putting in running errands for Dad and begins to share the load

> You know the location of the documents so you can sell Dad’s car

> You can text or email a paid helper the Daily Schedule

> You know tips for avoiding 10+ calls a day from Dad

> You know how to reduce the over-eating and alcohol use that’s been creeping up from the stress of being a caregiver

> You learn how to get your grandma to stop driving

> You enter notes while you’re at the doctor’s office and share them with family members instantly

If any of that sounds familiar, Caring is for you!

We tend to get less stressed when we feel in control. Caring gives you the information you need, in your pocket, wherever you are

Designed by professional care managers, Caring will help you be prepared for what’s to come and to make a plan for the future

> Caring is free to download. You can make a limited number of entries in each section of the app and see how you like it. You can then easily purchase a subscription straight from the app

> You can use Caring for up to five people and purchase more records within the app if you need. Separate fully encrypted records are maintained for each person

> Share the app with others for free just by entering their email address and deciding whether you want them to be ‘View only’ or ‘Full access’. This allows other family members to use the app too so everyone has the same real time information


* About - Add emergency contacts and key information for your loved one. Then it’s all in one place and available at the tap of a finger

* Medical matters - Maintain a medication list and medical history

* Daily schedule - Make a plan for each day and list who will be helping. Easily email or print the schedule for a helper straight from the app

* Guidance - Get solutions to your current concerns

* Conversations - Document important decisions made with your loved one so they can be referred to in the future and updated as circumstances change

* Who’s involved - Have contact information for relatives, friends, and professionals all in one place

* Personal affairs - Know where important legal documents are. Identify income and expenses in case you need to help with managing the finances in the future

* Time tracking - Record the time spent on caring tasks and the value of that time

* Things to do - List what needs to be done, when, and by whom. Reminders can be sent automatically by email to your inbox and/or by notifications to your phone

* Reports - Easily share anything in the app and enhance communication between all members of the caring family

Whether you use all of the features or just some of them, Caring will make you feel comfortable that you have covered all the bases no matter what the outcome

Caring is a product from Intelligent Maintenance LLC

 Free in Google Play


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Version History

Launched May 10, 2018 (12 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Apr 01
Version 1.4.0

Bug fixes

Jan 02
Version 1.3.0

Bug fixes

Oct 03
Version 1.1.0

Bug fixes
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May 09
Version 1.0.0

Initial release

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