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Attention: This app operates similar to a taximeter. Please check whether it satisfies your country's taxi regulations.

Main features:

1. Distance charge calculation
2. Waiting charge calculation
3. Configurable tariffs
4. No internet requirement
5. Easy to operate
6. Print bill
7. e-bill, SMS bill
8. List of previous journeys
9. Summary of journeys
10. Tax computation
11. Connect with customer app
12. Security lock with a password

Start using the App:

Place your mobile phone on Taxi dashboard.
Open the app, it will ask to enable the GPS Location.
Press Ok to proceed.
Taximeter Start button will be activated when good GPS signal is received.
Press Start button to start the Taximeter.
Press End button to stop the Taximeter.
You can Pause or Resume the taximeter where necessary.
You can see the total fare, distance, time and taximeter status on the display.
There are four buttons at the bottom of the screen. Those are Print button, History button, Tariff change button and Settings button.
At Settings, you can adjust the currency, color theme, print settings, charging rates according to your area.

How to print a bill?

Turn on your portable Bluetooth thermal printer.
(Supported model: 58mm mini wireless Bluetooth thermal receipt printer support ESC/POS for Android mobile printer).
Turn on phone's Bluetooth. You must pair the Bluetooth printer with phone on the first run.
Press the print button on the taximeter app.
Press Connect Printer button.
From the list of Bluetooth devices, select your printer name or MAC address.
Printer will be added.
If successful, press Print button to start printing.
At Preview you can modify the invoice before printing.

How to view History (previous rides)?

Press the History List button on the taximeter app.
List of past rides will appear. The latest ride will be shown at the top.
Click on a ride to view the PDF bill.
You can delete a ride by long click on it.
There is a print button to provide print the selected trip.
Rides list can be filtered by time by specifying required time range.
Select the Summary check box to calculate the totals for selected period.

How to connect with customer app?

Visit Account Settings from settings menu
Register with your taxi and contact details.
Enable "Show taxi location" on the registration page
Ask your customers to install "TAXImet - Call Taxi" App
They can find your location and status and directly call to your phone number.

To remove Ads:

Enable internet them visit Purchases
Select Ads Removal. Complete the payment to remove ads.

To enable tracking:

Enable internet the visit Purchases
Select Tracking. Subscribe to enable frequent updates on the customer app.

App will run the background during calls or while using other apps.
For best results, we recommend to keep the phone on dashboard and keep the app open.
Please contact the developer for support or feature requests.

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TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 1TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 2TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 3TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 4TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 5TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 6TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 7TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 8TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 9TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 10TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 11TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 12TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 13TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 14TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 15TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 16TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 17TAXImet - Taximeter screenshot 18

Version History

Launched Mar 03, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 17
Version 3.6

POS integration
fit to Tablet phones
Restore previous hire
User interface improvement
Extras adding after taxi fare
Manual waiting switch
Hires report in pdf
Contact phone number area code
Fare calculation as; Total Fare = Fare + Extras

Mar 08
Version 3.3

tariff scheduling for day of the week
4 time tiers
reverse tax computing
business logo included in the invoice
adjustable distance increment interval
adjustable time increment interval
adjustable currency decimals
adjustable distance decimals
fare rounding option
print language selection
safe stop after question box

Dec 17
Version 3.1

Bill sending as SMS
Time scheduling Tariffs activation
Performance improvements
Driver tracking
Support for Android Orio (8.0) version

Jun 21
Version 3.0

Settings Security lock, S / D Mode Selection, Adjustable waiting threshold speed, 4 tiered distance charging, English language printing, Czech Language, Sinhala Language, Fare rounding, Decimal places, Sharing Taxi locations with caller app

Jun 13
Version 2.6

Ads Removal

Apr 08
Version 2.3

Spanish Language
Enlarged Pause button
Switch Tariffs easily
Green, Blue color display themes
Cloud support for sharing Tariffs, Extras

Mar 01
Version 2.2

New Features:
Pause, Resume meter
Notification actions to Pause, Resume, Stop meter
3 different Tariff settings to select on demand
Bug fix:
Fixed App crashing at meter Stop - For existing Apps, after update may need to clear App data.

Dec 15
Version 2.1

New Features:
Pause, Resume meter
Notification actions to Pause, Resume, Stop meter
3 different Tariff settings to select on demand
Bug fix:
Fixed App crashing at meter Stop - For existing Apps, after update need to clear App data.

Dec 14
Version 1.7

Waiting Charge calculation updates every 6 seconds (0.1 minute)
Improved accuracy on waiting status
Click on History item to view the PDF bill
Reset the meter by long click on Start button
Shortcut button to view Tariff

Oct 23
Version 1.6

Landscape view
enable/ disable charging types
Two tiered distance fare
Minimum fare
Maximum fare
Waiting charge every 30 seconds
Default wait start delay 5 seconds
Printer enabled to all

Aug 07
Version 1.4

Now you can send eBill to customer

Jul 24
Version 1.3

Digital theme for Numbers
Currency Notation with Cents
Accuracy improvement
Visibility improvement

Jun 29
Version 1.2

User Account
Calculation improvements
Print Preview and Customization
Background Service
* Please check your charging settings after update.
* Please contact developer if Printer is not supported.

Jun 24
Version 1.1

You can now view list of previous hires.
If you have a Bluetooth Bill Printer, app supports to add Printer and print hire bill to customer.

Mar 03
Version 1.0

Initial release of the App with basic function of calculating Taxi fare based on distance and waiting time.

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