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Bell Ringer simulates the phisical model of a bell. It reproduces the dash bell, the hammer bell and the conterbalanced bell, with the typical ringing of central Italy called “a rinterzo” where a bell ringer stands on top of the major bell and, by repeated swingings, wider and wider, he spins it until the bell reaches the position “a bicchiere” (overturned, angulated at 180°)

Hammer Bell: 9 bells tunable, record end save up to 4 melodies.

Two new steeples with bells played with the rope.

Since version 2.0 was introduced Zen bell, move the trunk and drop it towards the bell.

Read ahead to understand the differences among the various kinds of bells

Bells have an indipendent tuning, modifiable through the “tuner” option, you have at your disposal 3 octaves.

You can also have fun with a little bell that rings when you rotate the smartphone. In such a case the note played is the one indicated as “big bell” on the tuner.

Sampling bells of high quality for a realistic sound.

for the “a rinterzo” ringing we reccommend to move the bell ringer leg only and just rightward

The bell
The bell is a musical instrument, belonging to the percussion idiophone class, in this kind of instrument the sound is produced through the vibration of the body itself. There are 3 kinds of bells:

Fixed (Fisse)
they are fasten to a beam and they are played upon being struk by a clapper, normally they are of a small size

Dash Bell (a slancio)
they are fasten to a beam but they can rotate and reach an inclination of 60°
they produce (play non è più corretto??) fast tollings

Counterbalanced (controbilanciate)
they can rotate until an angulation of 180° and reach the “a bicchiere” position that is completely overturned (a bicchiere= the glass position) they play long spaced out tollings

Enjoy yourself!!

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Version History

Launched Dec 12, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Feb 03
Version 3.0

Bug Fix
Recompiled with graphic libraries and physical model updated

Oct 17
Version 2.9

Bug Fix

Sep 10
Version 2.6

3 new modes
- Hammer with 9 tunable bells
- Clock, sounds the hour every quarter
- For children, drag the bells to ring

Dec 12
Version 2.4

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