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☆ New feature to play audio sound wireless from one device to another via network.
☆ Now works with Omate Truesmart Smartwatch!!
☆ Localization and now support languages in: German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish

UltimateAudio Pro is an app that specialized in analyzing the science of sounds. The most advanced sound analyzer available. The app act as a RTA and spectrum analyzer and tone generator. This app combine all my other sound apps into one. What you will get are Spectrum, ActivePinger, ISpectral, Signal Generator, Audio TCP and IGram. If you are an engineer professional, engineering students, oceanographer, bird watching enthusiast, musician, pianist, guitar and speaker tuning, or interested in signal processing.


A simple spectrum bar graph displaying the frequencies and sound pressure level (SPL) with intensity color-map. This is a simple display and works well on smartwatch like Omate Truesmart.


ActivePinger is an App that generates acoustic waveform commonly used by sonar (submarine, bat) and displays the results in real-time. Depending on your surrounding environment, you can see the reverberation after pinging. Unlike most Apps, ActivePinger is actually two Apps combined into one: Signal Generator and Spectrogram display. There are six waveform to choose from: Continuous Wave(CW), Coxcomb, Geometric Comb, Costas Waveforms, Pseudorandom waveform(PRNG) and Hyperbolic Frequency Modulation(HFM) waveform. This tool is great for students and professional engineers studying in the field of sound and vibration since you can see the results of the pinging waveform in real-time.


ISpectral is a fast and accurate real-time FFT analyzer that displays spectral waveform from microphone audio. The app stores a 10 second window history for further in-depth analysis.


IGram is spectrogram version of ISpectral. With this app you can see a spectrogram longer history.

Signal Generator:

Generator signal tone. We will add more features in releases.

Wireless Mic:

Wireless Mic stream data to a client.


☆ Play audio sound wireless from one device to another via network.
☆ Display piano music note
☆ Contained five apps all in one app: Spectrum, ActivePinger, ISpectral, Signal Generator and IGram
☆ Two zooming methods: Pinch to Zoom and One-hand Zoom.
☆ Can load or export .WAV file to .csv file.
☆ Has bin resolution of 1 hz or max FFT size of 44100Hz
☆ Can be Linear or Logarithmic scale
☆ Matlab like color-maps, 17 total.
☆ Does variable data overlap of 90%, 80%, 75% and 50%
☆ Digital Filter: Low-pass, High-pass and Band-pass Filter
☆ Eight classic Windowing method such as: Hanning, Hann, Gaussian, Blackman...etc
☆ Select-able microphone input for external mic.
☆ Has Max Hold the high waveform for comparing to current wave.
☆ Is calibrated to work with device orientation. Default is landscape mode.
☆ Has a max frequency indicator that give the high signal amplitude shown on screen
☆ Graph has the capabilities to auto scale.
☆ Zoom in or out for viewing data at high resolutions.
☆ Three displays: Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain and Spectrogram.
☆ Can generate well known sonar ping.
☆ Signal conditioning such as averaging or setting data threshold trigger.
☆ Can trigger based on SPL for time or frequency mode.
☆ The ability to take screen capture and send email
☆ Able to adjust color intensity display to filter certain amplitude
☆ And many more features!

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Version History

Launched May 01, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).
Dec 28
Version 2.3

Minor bug fixes.

Dec 25
Version 2.2

Fixed 48khz sample rate gram.

Jun 29
Version 1.29

-Added the abilities to play the sound wireless from one device to another.
-More stable because of known know bugs fixed
-Updated Wireless Mic App