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Have you ever thought about how your dream home would look like? Now you got the chance to decorate & renovate your Mansion & blast items exactly how you want it! My Home Design for girls meets Match 3 Puzzle Game! The goal of the game is simple: Design, Decorating games, Makeover, Flip & Restore your house scapes & also play a fun match 3 puzzle minigame! Enjoy the game that mixes colorful matching puzzle levels with the mansion that you restore, makeover and decorating games!

Game features:

- Design, create, renovate, build, flip, fix, makeover, craft, repair different rooms from the mansion! including family-friendly living rooms, stylish kitchens, awesome bathrooms and cool bedrooms! Convert classic designs to modern decorating designs!
- A combination of free match-3 puzzle games & home decorating gameplay brings you a fun gaming experience!
- Simply tap to decorate the rooms! Design the Mansion or rooms to make it just like in your dreams!
- Tons of exciting blast match-3 levels await! Thousands of challenging matching levels with awesome traps & boosters to help you suceed. More matching challenging means more fun!
- Unleash yourself with an incredible variety of high-end decorating interior designer furniture, lighting, craft, flooring and other furniture or just avoid plain flop room designs!
- Constant content updates with new interior design challenges, floor plans, landscaping, designing, building, decorating seasonal room items and many more! All the decorations and furniture can be changed to your personal taste & style in this sweet escapes game!
- Dream of flipping houses? Play our home flipping simulation game!


In this Match 3 & Mansion Game for girls, the goal is simple: Renovate & Flip the Manor your Daddy bought for you & gain Gems from playing the match 2 minigame!
The game has over 7 areas to renovate! You will start from the garden and get your way up to decorating the bedroom in this house scapes game!

The Front Garden will need to redecorate the front fence, the benches, a nice fountain & beautiful flowers! Also, it is the playing ground for the little french bulldog, so you gotta keep it tidy all the time!

The Hall Area is a very classy one where you got a large piano and a red carpet on the stairs to keep clean! You also have to clean the library from dust and change the walls colors!

The Kitchen where old Grandma stays and bakes on a daily basis needs constant care, the floor looks nasty and a lot of water leaks from the dishwasher! Help grandma to cook like a real chef and restore the table and the seats in the Kitchen!

The Teenager Area is a little dusty because nobody has been playing in it for a while! Thank god little Bran has a console and a computer in that area, so that he can play the entire day!

The Living Room has a cool chimney which wasn't lit for a while now and some old sofa and coffee table which needs some recovery.

The Bathroom of course it needs the jacuzzi to be fully operational and cleaned! The mirror in the bathroom has shattered and the floors are full of nasty sewage waters!

The BedRoom is Daddy's little place where he's the boss and no one can disturb him from watching football on TV! Only you can disturb him, so that you can make his room habitable again, because it's a little deteriorated!

Download now Home Sweet Home Design - Match 3 House Games Manor for free and start building your dream house!

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Launched May 08, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

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