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Duplicate File Finder - File Remover & Cleaner is most powerful and absolutely free application on play store for find and remove all duplicate files in your device.

Get rid of storage space load on your device by finding all type of duplicate Files, Images, Photos and Audio to Organize and Optimize your phone in a best way !

Why Duplicate File Finder - File Remover & Cleaner is best?

i) Free : Absolutely free on play store with no range of finding fixing, scanning, and removing duplicate checks.

ii) Multi file type supports : This application can scan all type of files like duplicate image and photo, duplicate video, duplicate audio and more other file types.

iii) Faster Scan : This application can scan and find all type of files in a part of seconds as we user more optimized method to find all the duplicates files to optimize phone performance.

iv) User Friendly UI : every one can easily use this application without any difficulties to understand all the process of finding, scanning, fixing, removing duplicate files to lower the loads of storage space of mobile phone.

v) Preview Duplicate files : you can be sure of what you are removing and which duplicate file you are removing from your phone. Also you can show and check if you want to delete files or not. So this application has more convenient way for duplicate cleaner.

vi) One touch to clean duplicate files : Once application find the duplicate file you will have option to select which file you want to clean and after that in only one touch you can free and optimize your phone from all loads of useless memory storage.

So, This application provide Most easy and optimized way to delete duplicate files, delete duplicate photos, duplicate movie songs, duplicate checks and remove duplicates.

Thus this application can be use as Duplicate file remover, Duplicate file fixer, Duplicate file finder, Duplicate file cleaner, Duplicate photo finder, Duplicate photo cleaner, Duplicate photo remover, Duplicate image remover and Duplicate cleaner.

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Version History

Launched Nov 19, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jun 17
Version 1.5

Minor bug fixed...

Apr 12
Version 1.4

Minor bug fixed...

Nov 19
Version 1.1

Minor bug fixed...

Nov 18
Version 1.0

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