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Get the brand new WTHI-TV News 10 app. Get the latest news, weather and sports from the Wabash Valley. It's everything you love about News 10 right at your fingertips. Any place, anywhere, any device, one address, WTHITV.com

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Version History

Launched Apr 05, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jun 18

Enhanced notifications

Nov 07

NEW UI: Completely redesigned with a new User Interface.

PERSONALIZE YOUR HOME SCREEN: You can now customize the app to your preferences. Select the sections you are interested by clicking the button next to 'My News' at the top of the app and choose the news you want on your home screen. Your choices will appear on home screen of the app every time you open it. If you want your app the way it was - with a mix of the day's news, sports, business and food content - just click 'Local News.'

Oct 19
Version 6.5.0

NEW in this release:
• Lots of bug fixes and under-the-hood performance improvements!

Aug 15
Version 6.4.0

NEW in this release:
• Fixed a bug that took many users to the wrong Article
• Fixed another bug that allowed the screen to sleep while watching a video
• Android 7.1 users - Use App Shortcuts for the Weather page + other key parts of the app
• Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

May 18
Version 6.3.0

Apr 11
Version 6.1.2

Just some minor fixes!

Apr 05
Version 6.1.1

Previous 3 versions


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