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Test yourself and simultaneously learn the locations and names of all acupuncture points on the human body!
Choose the meridian you want to quiz about, which can be all meridians or just one.
Different points will be automatically selected, it is up to you to determine which point is highlighted.
At the end of each quiz a results screen will be shown, displaying the correct & incorrect answers, along with screenshots and what the correct answer should have been.

Created for TCM, acupuncture and acupressure students. It includes all primary meridians and all points. The naming of the point can be chosen before starting (which can be Chinese, English, Pinyin, abbreviations or a combination of these).

This acupuncture quiz is created in full 3D, meaning it is possible to rotate, zoom and pan around the 3D model with unlimited freedom. It can be used on tablets or phones, making this app a portable acupuncture manual, which you can use to test, quiz and learn while on the go.

the features included in this acupuncture quiz:
-both landscape and portrait mode are supported
-full 3D (zoom, pan and rotate around the acupuncture point)
-results screen (showing images and feedback on any wrongly answered questions)
-all primary meridians
>Lung meridian
>Liver meridian
>Large Intestine meridian
>Stomach meridian
>Spleen meridian
>Heart meridian
>Small Intestine meridian
>Bladder meridian
>Kidney meridian
>Gall Bladder meridian
>Pericardium meridian
>Sanjiao meridian (triple burner)

For any questions or comments feel free to email us any time.

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Version History

Launched Sep 04, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).
Sep 03
Version 1.0