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The Bottom Line Bible is a reading plan app. Each Bible book is a different “track.” Select the track that interests you and each day you’ll receive one chapter from that Bible book or a way to interact with a previous chapter. Our free version contains Genesis, Proverbs, and Matthew. This FULL version will include every Bible book. We currently have nearly 40 of the 66 books available and release an additional book each week until all 66 are uploaded.

When you receive a Bible chapter you’ll find

1) A link to the day’s reading

2) A visual image depicting a main idea of the chapter

3) A one or two word summary of the chapter

4) An overview of the chapter

5) The big idea from the chapter

6) A key verse from the chapter

7) Thematic summary called "If God wrote you a letter"

8) A next step for the chapter

9) A media link for the chapter (music video, video clip, etc.)

Our hope is that one or more of the entries resonate with you so you can stay engaged with your reading throughout the day.

Let us know if you have any questions,

Gregg and Glenn


Additional Features:

-Customize your experience with a short assessment.

-Schedule and receive up to 12 messages each day, featuring a Bible verse selected from the assessment (or assorted verses if you choose not to take the assessment).

-If life throws you a curve, use the GPS button to adjust your messages on-the-fly to reflect your current needs.

-Push notifications ensure you don’t miss a single message.

-Save your favorites messages and share via social media.

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Version History

Launched Nov 12, 2018 (about 1 year ago).
Sep 26
Version 8.3.2

Minor bug fixes and notification improvements.

Jul 18
Version 8.0.0

• New Home Page design quickly gets you to main sections.
• Verses for Me section will tailor biblical content.
• How can we help you grow? section allows you to adjust your messages on-the-fly.
• Add your preferred content to Favorites, fill in your Private Notes, Like and Share.
• Redesigned Tracks & Content section.
• Our content-matching algorithm is now more powerful than ever.
• This update lays the groundwork for new features we plan to announce later this year. Stay tuned!

Nov 11
Version 7.0.1