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This is a compass app. It supports magnetic and true north. Furthermore, it shows the current location coordinates, which can be copied, shared and send to other apps.

Additionally, this compass shows the magnetic field strength, which is helpful when searching for interferences. The precision of the compass sensor can be adjusted in the settings. Moreover, this compass is optimized for high resolution displays.

To make sure this compass is accurate, calibrate the sensors in your device and keep it away from magnetic fields. Furthermore, when using this compass hold your device flat to the ground with the display facing the sky, like you would with a mechanical compass.

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Version History

Launched Mar 15, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Aug 08
Version 2.1.2

+ Fixed: Compass didn't start on devices without GPS or network location support
+ Improved: Removed permission ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, because it's not needed anymore
+ Improved: Improved messages of various dialogs to make them easier understandable

Jul 25
Version 2.1.1

- Fixed: True north calculation problem solved
- Fixed: Compass didn't start on devices without GPS and network location support
- Changed: Removed permission WAKE_LOCK, because it's not needed anymore
- Improved: Compass explains why the pro version is not available in every country
- Changed: Changed labels with the word "bearing" to "heading"
- Improved: Changed the accent and menu background colors to better match the overall design
- Changed: Updated license and privacy policy

Jul 05
Version 2.1.0

- New Feature: Now you can set the compass needle to point to true north
- Improved: Better support for devices, which deliver invalid sensor data
- Improved: Improved overall performance
- Improved: Improved information window
- Changed: Updated internal libraries
- Changed: Removed the permission "modify system settings" which is not needed anymore.

Jun 22
Version 2.0.0

Aug 21
Version 1.4.0

Compass is the most precise compass app available. It supports magnetic and true north calculated using network location or GPS coordinates. Furthermore this compass displays the location coordinates and the strength of the magnetic field to see if it interferes with the compass sensor. It supports high definition displays and can be installed on the SDCard. Download the best compass for free!


GPS and network location:
Needed to calculate true north.

Internet Access:
Needed for downloading ads and for completely anonymous usage statistics. Usage statistics can be disabled in the settings of Compass.

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