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With DJs like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, Gimme Radio is the ultimate streaming music service for the true metal fan. As the only online music service designed exclusively for the metal community, Gimme Radio delivers listeners the best metal from the past, present and most punishing up and coming acts from all over the card-carrying metalhead world. Gimme Radio believes in the passion of the metal community, not music algorithms. That’s why every song played on Gimme Radio is hand selected by the musicians, music journalists, producers, labels and tastemakers you already know and trust. Tune in and you’re sure to discover something new and brutal.

You can access thousands of hours of our original, awesome programming The Vault by joining the Gimme Brigade*. Listen to all our past shows wherever you are, whenever you want, hosted by the best metal DJs in the world who play the music they love and telling you why they love it. You'll hear stories straight from the artists that made the music, toured the records, and lived the life. Plus when you join, you'll get exclusive access, special merch and a 15% discount in the Gimme Radio store for as long as you are a member. (*The Brigade is currently only offered for US and Canadian residents).

Speaking of which, we keep the world’s first metal-only streaming service up and running by selling vinyl and other cool merch. Hear something you love and easily add it to your record collection with the click of a button. Have a question or comment about what you’re hearing? Ask it though Gimme Live, our community feature that connects metalheads from all over the world.

Through world-class DJs, programming and a unique community platform, Gimme Radio is the only online music service designed exclusively for the metal community. If you’re a fan of heavy metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, crossover, hardcore punk, crustcore, metalcore, or thrash metal, Gimme Radio was created for you.

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Version History

Launched Dec 29, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 22 days, on average.

Sep 22
Version 3.3.7

Aug 13
Version 3.3.5

Bug fixes and stability.

Jul 29
Version 3.3.1

You can now link your Gimme Radio account to your Spotify account and we'll save all the songs that you favorite to a Spotify playlist for on-demand playback.

Jun 28
Version 3.2.7

Now follow your favorite DJs directly from the home screen. Assorted bug fixes.

Jun 06
Version 3.2.2

Forgotten your password? You can now reset it painlessly in-app
This update also fixes a lot of pesky Android bugs

May 28
Version 3.1.0

LOVE METAL? Instead of just yelling from the rooftops when your favourite tracks play, you can now like tracks as well! Tap the 🤘 icon to send your stamp of approval to the masses. Metal comments deserve recognition too, so we’ve added likes to the chat as well.

Other than that we’ve made some changes to how things look and have gone around stomping out bugs.

Feb 08
Version 2.0.15

Improvements to Chat

Feb 08
Version 2.0.14

Improvements to live radio

Feb 05
Version 2.0.13

- Improvements to DJ details screen.

Jan 21
Version 2.0.12

- Fix for Facebook login not working on some devices

Jan 15
Version 2.0.10

- Improvements for The Vault

Jan 11
Version 2.0.9

- Brigade is now available to even more of you in Australia, United Kingdom, and Germany!
- Chat UI smoothing

Dec 16
Version 2.0.7

Brigade members now have special badging in the Gimme Live chat mosh.

Dec 13
Version 2.0.6

Behind the scenes improvements to make your experience even more metal.

Dec 04
Version 2.0.4

Brigade members now have special badging in the Gimme Live chat mosh.

Nov 27
Version 2.0.3

Now you can sign up for The Vault and join the Brigade right in the app!

Nov 15
Version 2.0.2

Vault carousel items now take you directly to Vault Player.

Nov 13
Version 2.0.01

The completely redesigned app includes the Vault, where you can select from hundreds of episodes of great radio shows and play them whenever you want and download to your phone to listen without a connection (subscription required).

Sep 01
Version 1.12.1

Fix for listeners who experienced issues on certain devices.

Aug 21
Version 1.12

Sharing is here! Let the world know what you're listening to on Gimme Radio \m/

Jul 18
Version 1.11.1

- Re-added support for Android 4.x
- Behind the scenes improvements

Jul 11
Version 1.11

- Grown tired of an album in your wishlist? Swipe it to the left and now you can delete it!
- Gimme Live chat improvements.
- Loading indicator while the stream is loading.

Jul 10
Version 1.10.1

Just making that commenting better, boss.

Jun 28
Version 1.8

Bug fixes.

Apr 01
Version 1.7

-Follow your favorite DJs and receive a notification when they have a new episode on the air.
-Various bug fixes.

Mar 29
Version 1.5

• Added display of episodes for shows and calendar of upcoming shows.
• Bug fixes.

Feb 19
Version 1.4

Supports Gimme Radio playback, Gimme Live community and purchase from the Gimme Radio store.

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