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This app will only work with a working installation of Home Assistant. This is not meant to be used with Google Asisstant or any other voice asisstant!

Do you frequently use specific features in Home Assistant? Do you have a few NFC tags laying around that you're not using? Then Hass NFC is the perfect app for you! You can program a NFC tag to trigger certain scripts or any other entity in your Home Assistant.

Simply touch a NFC tag with your phone and poof, your lights go on, or your alarm is armed. You are in control what will happen. Hass NFC can run a script that you've created in Home Assistant or it can trigger any other event, so the possibilities are endless. It will work everywhere you go, as long as you have internet!

Before you start make sure you have the Home Assistant API and HTTP component set up, and that your Home Assistant is reachable from a URL with password.

Hass NFC does not share any data or telemetry. It will safely store your URL and password. Nothing more than necessary is sent over the net. It is strongly advised to have Home Assistant running behind HTTPS. It is possible to disable SSL verification, but use with caution!

If you have any problems, ideas, suggestions or anything else, please let me know!


- German translations: FrozenFinn
- Spanish and Italian translations: Teresa Ruiz Rosati

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Version History

Launched Mar 04, 2019 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

May 13
Version 1.2.4

- Fixed writing to some MiFare tags

Apr 28
Version 1.2.3

- Token field is no longer a password field to work around pasting issues on some phones. This does not affect the safety of the app.

Nov 19
Version 1.2.1

- Added the option to add a device ID to scripts to execute different actions in your script based on the used device.

Oct 14
Version 1.2.0

- Added Italian and Spanish translations

Oct 02
Version 1.1.9

- Automatic Android 10 dark theme (disabled in settings)

Apr 14
Version 1.1.8

- Bugfix for Android 9 and a HTTP connection
- Bugfix for fingerprint authentication

Mar 18
Version 1.1.6

- Test your connection in settings
- All major screens are now looking even better!
- Some help added in settings

Mar 11
Version 1.1.5

- Compatible with Android 4.4 and higher (Fingerprint only works on Android 6 and higher!)
- Added the option to play a success or error sound when scanning a tag
- Token and password are not readable anymore

Mar 05
Version 1.1.4

- Dark theme! We all love a dark theme right?
- Bugfixes

Mar 03
Version 1.1.2

- Added the option to protect a tag with fingerprint authentication (Android 6 and higher).
- Added Dutch translations
- Added German translations

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