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Learn on the go with our comprehensive collection of high-quality OSCE guides covering a wide range of clinical skills.

Our video demonstrations make clinical skills easier to understand (an internet connection is required to stream videos).

In need of a refresher? Quickly review a guide by swiping through the images of the key steps involved, no internet required.

Ready to put yourself or a colleague to the test? The examination mode makes assessment easy with built-in checklist mark schemes and customisable timer functionality.

Learn how to interpret an ECG, ABG, CXR, AXR and more with our awesome data interpretation guides.

Need to work on your communication skills? Check out our collection of free history taking guides to help you prepare for exams (OSCE / USMLE).

Quickly access the guides most important to you with our favouriting function, allowing you to build your own customised list of guides.

The app contains a selection of free guides including cardiovascular clinical skills and the entire communication skills section. To gain access to all of the guides in the app, you must purchase an inexpensive subscription (one fee to unlock all content), which helps support ongoing development.

Guide categories include:
• Cardiovascular
• Respiratory
• Gastrointestinal
• Neurology
• Musculoskeletal
• Endocrine
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Ear, Nose & Throat
• Breast examination
• Clinical procedures
• History taking
• Information giving
• Advanced communication
• Data interpretation
• Written skills
• Surgery
• Emergency

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Version History

Launched May 09, 2016 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 10
Version 1.65

We've been busy working on new guides :)

New guides:
- GCS assessment
- COCP counselling
- IUS counselling
- Faecal occult blood test counselling

Updated guides:
- New images added to our surgical scrubbing guide

If you have a moment to rate the app or leave a review, we’d really appreciate it!

We have more new guides coming soon...

Geeky Medics team

Oct 18
Version 1.6

We're working hard on our upcoming app redesign, but whilst you wait, we thought we'd keep the content coming:
- Updated Obstetric History guide
- Updated Gynaecology History guide
- Added example images to Ear Examination guide
- Added Hernia Examination guide
- Created a new dedicated Surgery section
- Added Abdominal Surgical Incision guide
- Added Surgical Scrub guide
- Added Suture Materials guide
- Added Theatre Etiquette guide
- Moved Suturing guides to Surgery section

Sep 19
Version 1.5

We've added several new guides:
1) Hypoglycaemia Emergency Guide
2) DKA Emergency Guide
3) Post-op Bleed Emergency Guide
4) ACS Emergency Guide
5) Pneumothorax Emergency Guide
6) PE Emergency Guide
7) Medication History Guide
8) Dix-Hallpike & Epley Written Guide
9) Vaginal Swabs Guide

We've also improved the obstetric and gynaecological history taking guides.

Sep 12
Version 1.4

In this update, we've improved some of the guides, including hand and GALS examination, in addition to gynaecological history taking. We've also laid the foundations for the next update, coming in the next few weeks, which will add lots more content. We've also said goodbye to our 8-year-old logo (but we'll miss the little guy). If you could leave a review for the app, that really helps spread the word!

Jun 03
Version 1.3

Bug fixes

Mar 28
Version 1.2

Hey guys!

In this update, we've optimised the app, added 20+ new guides (including a new emergency section) and made lots of improvements to existing content. If you could take a moment to rate the app and leave a review we'd really appreciate it :)

Nov 16
Version 1.1.02

We’ve been busy creating lots of new content and because you’ve been kind enough to support us, we’re giving you exclusive early access to all of it! 🎉🎉🎉
We’ve added 12 updated videos (along with new images) for the following guides:
* Cardiovascular/Respiratory/Abdominal examination
* Cerebellar examination
* Ankle/Elbow examination
* Spine examination
* Shoulder examination
* Hip joint examination
* Knee examination
* GALS examination
* Hand examination
Plus lots more!
Thanks guys :)

Sep 21
Version 1.0.17

Performance enhancements.

Aug 27
Version 1.0.15

Update for Oreo.

Jun 07
Version 1.0.14

Improved app stability

May 20
Version 1.0.13

We've been working really hard on this latest update to make the Geeky Medics app even more useful, some of the changes include:
1) The ability to make images within guides full screen
2) New guides to help you interpret key clinical investigations (ECG, CXR, ABG and more)
3) New guides to help you document your clinical findings
4) Updated previous clinical skills guides with new images and videos (Venepuncture, Cannulation and more)
5) New clinical skills guides (e.g. Intramuscular injection)

Dec 12
Version 1.0.11

Compatibility with latest Android version.

Oct 23
Version 1.0.10

Bug fixes.

Sep 27
Version 1.0.9

1) Cervical screening video and images added
2) Other tweaks and improvements to guides

Jun 16
Version 1.0.8

Fixed bug that was causing issues with cannulation and eye examination videos playing.

Jun 07
Version 1.0.7

May 30
Version 1.0.6

May 26
Version 1.0.5

May 17
Version 1.0.4

May 16
Version 1.0.2

May 11
Version 1.0.1

May 09
Version 1.0

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