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Save and Share your travelled routes to your phone whether you are online or offline. You can then Follow routes received from others or your own saved routes any time you want to go to someone's home or a place, following the exact same bends and turns as the saved route dictates. Designed for both civilian and military use. Privacy-conscious people will find it a God-sent!

This is the Pro version with unlimited tracks, if you want to try out the app before purchasing kindly download the Lite version.


Using Record, you can record and save any route you are traveling. FTR just requires GPS coverage. If there is internet coverage and your mobile is internet-enabled, FTR will show you the map and route you are traveling being updated in real time. And if there is no internet, even then FTR will keep working and will record your travelled route just like before, except the updating map part, of course. So don't worry if the screen is not updating, FTR will keep recording till you hit Stop.

Just so you know, there are two modes for recording your route. On Road and Off Road. The Off Road option will record the route with most accuracy as we know that in the absence of any clear roads/tracks you’d need to record even your slightest drifts, whereas the On Road option will ignore very slight leeways since you’ll be moving on highways/roads etc.

After you hit Stop, FTR will ask you to save the recorded route in .kml format on the phone (We do not keep a copy of your route. In fact, the route is never uploaded.), so that you have a local copy – the only copy – of the route for use later. KML format is a widely used file format used to display geographic data that can be opened in Google Earth, other navigation apps and almost all Earth browsers, and can be used directly or freely converted to a compatible format to be used on any handheld GPS or Car Navigation System.


Using Share, you can share your recorded routes with others in kml format. The Share option displays the list of all kml files you have recorded or received from others. You can then choose any file to share with others using any of the apps/services on your phone, like email or any texting app etc. Just tap on any file from the list, and you can then choose from available options. Again, we do not upload anything to our servers. Alternatively, you can copy/paste the file to any portable storage device like USBs, or to your computer, since the file is stored locally. This way you can have a local repository of all such routes which you may find the need to if you’re into route analytics/trailblazing etc.


Using Follow, you can navigate through any route previously saved by any user of FTR and shared with you, or any route that you yourself have previously recorded. Just select a file from the available list and FTR will show you the complete route. Hit Navigate and FTR will even show you how to reach to the start point, and then will keep updating the map to show you your real time position while you follow. Tap Stop to exit Following. If you’d rather travel the route in reverse, i.e. keep the route’s recorded destination as your start point and the route’s start point as your destination, just tap Follow In Reverse. You’ll find this option handy when you go to a new place and want to retrace your steps while returning to your home.


Long-press any file to display option to delete.

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Launched Aug 08, 2018 (7 months ago).
Aug 08
Version 1.0.0-pro

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