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Note: This app is quite large and could take 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your wifi speed. Be sure it is fully downloaded before trying to install or open the app. If you run into any problems, please contact us at flora.id@gmail.com

All net proceeds from the sale of this app goes to support botanical education, research, and development of plant identification tools.

Easy, quick identification of all 2670 flowering plants, spore-bearing plants and conifers known to grow wild in Montana.
No need to be frustrated by nature guides that don't include what you want to identify.
About 7700 color photos
Perfect for farmers, nature lovers, conservationists, hikers, botanists, students, teachers, wildflower enthusiasts, gardeners, nursery owners, or anyone curious about the natural world.
All photos embedded in the app; no need for an outside connection.
Built on 22 years of experience creating interactive plant identification software.

One of 25 comprehensive apps, covering 18 western and central states and 4 SW Canadian provinces.

Select plant characteristics that match the plant to be identified
Select any characteristic in any order, from almost 300 lists of characteristics
Characteristics defined, with detailed scientific illustrations
With each choice the list of possible plants shrinks, getting to one species with about 3 to 6 plant characteristics.
The app suggests lists based on ease of use, effectiveness, and remaining species
Confirm identifications by comparing with photos and/or descriptions
Plant book references with page numbers provided for each species

An interactive glossary of botanical terminology with scientific illustrations
Access to all data for each species
Alphabetize the species list by either common or scientific name or search by entering a name.
In-application documentation is available by tapping Menu > Help, or printing from http://flora-id.org/?page_id=247

This app is a compact but complete, easily portable version of our comprehensive plant ID software for PCs, and are thereby subsets of the largest and most extensive database of plant characteristics produced anywhere. We sincerely appreciate the individuals, agencies, and institutions over the years that have graciously allowed us to include their copyrighted plant photos in our programs. Even with over 250 sources of photos, not all are of the highest quality. They are the best available and are included here for the help they provide in obtaining and confirming correct identifications.
If you are interested in our comprehensive interactive plant identification tools for PC, please contact us:

Bruce Barnes
Flora ID, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Illustrations and design by Yuna Wu and Amy Rogers
Programming by Jeremy Scott
Our keys run in software by XID Services.

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Launched Mar 04, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Mar 03
Version 1.0

Initial release